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It's your duty to make sure she's satisfied... and you aren't up to the task all by yourself, are you subby?


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Cuckold Fantasies

It's a man's responsibility to see to the needs of his woman, is it not? So, when she requires a steady stream of hard cock to keep her satisfied, what is a decent man to do but see that her needs are met, right? With me so far? Well, let's explore some of the unique flavors of cuckhold fantasies and desires.

Cuckold Fantasies, Group Sex & Open Relationships: Oh My!

So, listen, some cuckolds are completely detached from erotic humiliation aspect and instead simply love watching their partner get well and truly fucked. These cuckies simply adore a woman in charge of- who revels in- her own sexuality. There are men who simply appreciate when a woman has thrown of the shackles of respectability and admitted their own desires to themselves, who enjoy watching a women get positively filthy in the sheets. They may participate, watch or simply hear about the experience in excruciating detail after their very satisfied woman comes home. These are individuals who live life on their own terms and enjoy their women doing the same.

Cuckold Fantasies & Erotic Humiliation

Now, here is where things really get fun for me & my inner sadist. For some, they have no choice but to hand the reins over to a more competent male to ensure the satisfaction of his women. His cock may be deficient, his technique may be deficient, but one way or another, he is unable to keep his women satisfied. For such a poor specimen of male, his role becomes consigned to ensuring men with grown men cocks who know how to fuck women are satisfying her. His failure as a man may result in feminization or faggotization, as once it becomes evident that he isn't capable of being a real man, he may seek to make himself useful in other ways. The feminization aspect offers entertainment value as well as breaking the male in question of any bad habits that get in the way of him making himself useful. Faggotization offers him the ability to participate in sexually pleasing his woman by preparing the cock that she will ultimately cum on, licking her kitty to prepare her for the fucking she is about to receive, or even licking the man's ass or balls as he is thrusting away, which take it from experience, does result in deeper, harder, and faster thrusts of that cock, intensifying her pleasure.

Your Cuckold Fantasy Session

Please feel free to reach out via email or skype to discuss your fantasy briefly before session. I can conduct your session via dispatched call or Skype call. text or one way video. Hope to hear from you soon.



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