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I cannot think of anything sexier than putting a man in his place. You and I both know that your cock is subpar, and being the size queen that I am, it was only a matter of time before I sought out cocks worthy enough to satisfy me.

You started to get suspicious when you saw the cum stains on my dirty panties after a long night out with my girlfriends. You fantasized about all of the dirty things that I did with other men while you jerked off, sniffing my cum filled panties.

You noticed how dripping wet my pussy was when I would come home after working late at the office alone with my boss. The emasculated look on your face was so cute! You would insist on making love to me, but I wasn't having it. Why would I? Your cock will never be able to make me cum. And my boss just fucked me for hours, giving me the most intense orgasms that I have had in years!

Instead of making love to you, I'll let you lick my cum filled pussy clean. I may not fuck your cock, but I will fuck your face! Plus, it really turns me on knowing that you're cleaning his cum from my pussy. Listening to you moan as you tell me how good my pussy tastes. It gave me such a thrill when you became addicted to it, begging me for more, telling me how much you crave the taste on your lips.

You soon realized that every afternoon, I would bring a new man home from the gym. You would time your lunch breaks perfectly, hiding in the closet so you could jerk off while you watched me getting fucked. You love to watch as this strong, sexy man pleases me in all the ways that you wish you could. He satisfies my every desire while you watch in awe, hearing foreign sounds of pleasure escape from my lips. You feel a rush when you see the look on my face as I orgasm. You need this just as badly as I do.



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