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Perhaps it started sinking in when you began to recognize your inadequacies. Things never went particularly well for you in the bedroom, but I'll give you some credit. I mean, I'm sure you tried your very best- but you simply don't have what it takes to be sexually relevant. I know epiphanies like this are hard to process, sweetie. All those humiliating fears you repressed for so long began writhing into your mind, and suddenly, you couldn't help but wonder- did you ever even deserve pussy at all?

Let's face it: you're lucky if you even managed to get a pity fuck out of some lovely, well-meaning lady- completely oblivious to the worship and pleasure she truly deserved just yet. Luckier still, if you worked long and hard to build yourself up in the world despite your, ah- shortcomings- and managed to marry a woman willing to overlook that little detail.

You may think you have an idea of your place in all this, but you're in My world now. I'm not your average Cuckoldress. You will never get anywhere near My precious pussy. You'll never get to watch Me get fucked, because I wear the cock in My relationships. I'm not going to roleplay your Hotwife- real or imagined- so you can get off on the idea of loaning her out like some slut for your pleasure instead of being treated like the Goddess that she is. So who am I? The Mistress with zero qualms about telling you exactly how it is so you have a chance in hell of becoming a worthy and subservient cuckold. All this alpha and beta male nonsense is just a pathetic little crutch you've been clinging to. I know that's very hard to consider when your diminutive prick is helplessly leaking all over the damn place, but the only way that you're ever going to become relevant in this scenario is by accepting the simple reality of the situation: Pussy IS the Alpha.

You'll never be able to get these cuckold fantasies out of your head, so you might as well get used to it. Anyone worthy of being cuckolded needs to understand and embrace the principle of Female Supremacy. You don't have to be afraid- I can help you with this. I know it sounds mean, but obliterating your ego and last iota of masculinity is exactly what's going to help you become the cuckold you so desperately want to be. This is all for your own good. Once you're adorably broken, no matter how humiliating it is, I'm going to make you tell Me everything about your cuckold fantasy and every debasing detail that goes along with it. Do you dream of becoming a cherished submissive in chastity, pampering your Cuckoldress with lingerie she and her well-hung lover will both enjoy? Or a sissy girl dolled up like a cute little slut, ever so willing to fluff a cock and clean up for the women you so desperately wish to emulate? Maybe you're just a closeted wannabe cocksucker using cream pies as your gateway fetish to becoming a certified cum dumpster.

Or do you prefer the humiliation of watching your wife get fucked by My strap-on cock until she squirts all over it, waking the neighbors in the process? Maybe I'll let you suck it clean after you look Me in the eye and admit that I'm more of a man than you'll ever be.

Exemplary behavior and total submission to the Divine Feminine are required in My presence. Succeed, and you'll reap the rewards. Whether I weave an intricate fantasy that presses buttons you didn't know you had until you met Me or you need a Dominant facilitator to light the correct path in your lifestyle cuckold dynamic, I'm going to relish acquainting you with your proper place in life.



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