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Cuckold fantasies are so sexy. There are many factors that make cuckold fantasies so popular. Watching your partner have sex with another person actually produces a response that makes you want to have a longer and more vigorous sex. Knowing that someone else wants your partner puts your desire into overdrive, and it makes you want them more. Sexual jealousy can be very intense and motivating. Some people get great happiness seeing their partner happy and sexually satisfied. For some people humiliation plays a role in the situation, although this is not the case for everyone. For some the humiliation ramps up the intensity of the act to extreme levels. Submission is a factor also. You can get pleasure from giving up the power of your role in the bedroom to someone else, and they are the one pleasing your partner now. Our culture idealizes monogamy, so sharing your partner with another is considered taboo. Cuckolding makes you enjoy feeling a bit naughty, and you have fun breaking the rules.

There are a lot of great benefits that can come from cuckold situations. Sex gets better between you and your partner. Your woman feels more sexually satisfied. It encourages intimacy and brings you closer to your partner. If you and your partner get into cuckolding then it can revitalize a relationship that has gone stale over time. The bull you pick out to have sex with your wife gets benefits also. He gets to have "no strings sex" he can enjoy. For some bulls the dominance factor appeals to them, and they love to step in and take over the cuck's role in the bedroom.

Tell me what cuckold means to you. Tell me what parts do you really enjoy. Do you just like to watch, or do you want to participate? Some me don't prefer to watch, but they want to listen to their partner tell them about their sexual adventures in detail when they come home form their "dates." This can give a man extreme pleasure.

I am a mature woman with many years of real cuckold experience. I have many erotic tales to tell you that I know you will enjoy. I am so very naughty, and I love to tease a man. I can't help myself because I love to hear you get excited. I have no preconceived notions about what you are seeking. I can create a cuckold experience for you that can go from mild desires to wild intense erotic experiences. Just tell me what you are seeking.

No matter what your fantasy is, I am eager and ready to explore it with you. I can weave intricate sensual tales that feel so real you will think you are right there in the middle of it all experiencing every delicious minute of them. Our sessions will have you craving more. I will give you pleasure that your mind and body are aching for. I can easily become your new addiction.



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