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Ohhh... just look at you! Aren't you so cute wearing those darling little panties around that teeny-itty-bitty cock of yours! You know that girls like me never want to really spend time with guys like you, but only because I can make fun of you.

I am a college girl, and I can guarantee you that I love to bring guys like you home to my dorm with all my other girl friends and we love to strip you naked, tie you up and make fun of you.

Hmmm... how can we make fun of you? I have a number of ways - maybe make you be the only naked one in the room exposing parts of yourself you are very embarrassed by. Making you wear my cheerleading outfit, or my panties and sing humiliating cheers! Or bring you to my soriority where you're made to do so many embarrassing tasks, I can't possibly write it here! You'll have to call me to find out! (giggles)

I'm really in the mood to humiliate you, so entertain me - Call me.