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Just look at me. I mean really look at me. My legs, my hot body, my long blonde hair. I'm sexy, and young, and I know it. I absolutely love hooking up with men that I have never been with before. You as my cuckold husband should already know this. I already told you why I married you, and you know I adore you - but I'm the kind of wild girl that can't be held back. You knew when you married me that I wouldn't be baking cupcakes and cleaning the house.

I go out on Friday nights and stay out all night long until I have found what I am looking for. Mmmm, and I don't come home until I am satisfied. Like the loyal cuckie you are, you stay home and wait for me, don't you? Of course you do. I am worth waiting for, and you know I deserve to be with the hot men of the night and take all that they have to offer.

You know it's not really about me not loving you, it's really about my insatiable desire to have bigger and better cocks. You can be helpful in many ways to me - how about selecting what I am going to wear for my date? Or bathing me to get ready? How about paying for me and my lover?s dinner? Also, you are welcome to a little dessert when I get home!

So, sweetheart, DON?T try to deny what is rightfully mine - the right to be sexually satisfied by a stranger in the darkness of night - as I moan and orgasm loudly.



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Here’s the breakdown:

One Mistress – $2.99 per minute

Two Mistresses – $4.59 per minute

Three Mistresses – $6.19 per minute

Four Mistresses – $7.79 per minute

Five Mistresses – $9.39 per minute