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To my Cuckold boys: I know it was hard at first, realizing that I'd been out sleeping with whomever I pleased. But, you're used to it now and you actually enjoy it when I tell you all the "details", don't you? That's why you're going to help me dress tonight, you're going to pick out everything, right down to the panties I wear for my lover. That excites you, I know. Call me and I'll tell you all about my lover and how he satisfies my every need.

To my Sissy Sluts: You've been hiding your dirty little fetish for a long time, haven't you? I adore sissy boys and I will never judge you. I know all about your penchant for panties and stockings, your desire to be a cock-sucking slut. You can confess your fantasies to Mistress Tia. I will teach you to be the "woman" you've always wanted to be. Whether you're a cross-dresser or a real dirty little slut, I will explore your fetish with you to the fullest extent. Be prepared for the time of your life!

To my pain Sluts: For many years I have referred to myself as a "frugal domme". Why? Because I believe there are many household items that can be utilized to bring you pain. It's my pleasure to torture you, all of you. So, before you call you may want to have a few of these items available for your destruction: Ice cubes, rubber bands, wooden spoons, "chip" clips (the kind you use to close a bag of snack chips), cotton swabs, alcohol, lube, a belt, shoelaces and some candles. Get ready to be punished and pummeled!

To the small-dicked ill-equipped Wankers: I love to laugh at your pathetic little tool. That weenie of yours will never satisfy a real woman like me. Get out your magnifying glass, we may need to use it. I could never and would never allow your little short dick near me, but I love to see you try to jack it off. Call me and I'll tell you all the reasons you are "half" a man.

To the rest of you (you know who you are) : Have some nasty fantasies you need to talk about? I love roleplay, all sorts. Especially the naughty stuff. I love being that MILF you've been longing to have seduce you. I also adore being the cute new 18-year-old slut that just moved in next door. I can accomodate just about any fantasy. If you just have absolutely no idea what you want to talk about, that's ok too. I can and will surprise you, believe me.

Kisses and Swats to all,

Mistress Tia