What is a Cuckold? Are you being Cuckolded? Do you Wish You Were?


What is Cuckolding?

Although cuckold is not a new fetish, and is becoming more widely known via the internet, there are still some who don't know the definition of what a cuckold is, nor what a cuckold does. Keep reading to found out if you are into this sexy fetish.

So what is a cuckold exactly?

Cuckoldry is, by definition, a husband (or in some cases, a boyfriend) who is into his wife/girlfriend participating in sex with another man. It is not a threesome by the traditional meaning, but rather an exciting and adventurous fetish for the husband who wishes to hear stories of his sexy wife's sexual escapades, or wishes to watch the sexual acts take place. The "cuck", or the husband being cuckolded, is usually monogamous to only the wife, and the wife cuckolds her husband, or has sex with other men - she is also known as a "hot wife".

Are You a Cuckold?

Do you find yourself day dreaming of your hot wife being with other men? Even if you feel a tinge of jealousy at the thought, does it still bring you to a level of excitement that is hard to contain? Does the humiliation of it excite you? Then, you could be into the cuckold fetish.

Yes, I'm into Cuckold - What Now?

You may be very excited about the idea of your wife being with another man, but she may not be. If you have an idea that she may not like the idea - fantasies are always a good escape and the Mistresses at cuckoldfantasies.com can assist you in your perfect cuckold fantasy. In fantasy, there are no limits to what you can conjure up and having someone to talk to about it can greatly intensify your pleasurable experience.

If you feel your wife/girlfriend may be turned on by the idea of the cuckold fetish, and you need to be guided through the experience, we are here for you as well.

Other Components of the Cuckold Fetish

There are a number of ways to experience this fetish. Some like the thought of being cuckolded, but not being present while their wife/lover is having sex. They would rather hear every yummy detail of what took place. Some love the thought of being present and watching as if not in the room. If present whilst being cuckolded, some may love the idea of 'creampies', which is cleaning up the man's ejaculate after, while others are not so much into it. A number of men are into the humiliation of being cuckolded - whether they feel their penis is too small, or they don't feel the best performance-wise in the bedroom, or some feel more 'feminine', thus wishing their partner is deserving of someone more 'manly'. Also, some men love the idea of possibly never having to have sex with their woman again, whilst others wither at the thought - still wishing to make love even after she has been with someone else. Another popular component of cuckold is interracial sex, where usually the woman is with an African-American man with a very enormous penis.

It can also go further than just cuckolding - some men love the thought of preparing the man for his girl, a "fluffer" if you will, getting her big hunk's cock ready for her as she lies in bed waiting for the BIG reward.

No matter what style of cuckold you are, you are not alone, and this fetish is a popular one as countless websites are popping up all over the internet on the subject. If you wish to include your girlfriend or wife in this fetish, talk to her first and if she is into the idea, set some ground rules so no one does get hurt. Have fun with your cuckold fantasy, and still carry on the fun even if it becomes a lifestyle.

by Mistress Cecilia

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