Cuckold Gets Guided Masturbation Surprise


Once upon a time a hapless man confessed his deepest desires and then got everything he ever wanted. Imagine admitting that you’ve always wanted to be a cuckold, to have your wife fuck another man, and to have all your guided masturbation dreams come true! It happened to one man, and here is his story:


Fuck, I do not know how things have come to this. I mean, how does this even happen? One moment your life is sailing along, everything is sailing, man, just sailing, and then, blam, everything has changed in an instant. Suddenly the track the train of your life is running on just disappears, or there is a bump, or someone blows up the tracks, and the whole train derails and topples. Sometimes, the track changes, and, suddenly, you are on a new track heading towards a similar destination, but the whole damn scenic view has changed. My life changed like that.


See, I am married. My wife and I live in the good neighborhood with the car in the garage. I put on a charcoal grey suit, a blue striped tie, kiss my wife on the cheek, and drive thirty miles into the heart of the city, where I yell at interns for not getting my coffee right. Life was going well for us in that regard. It was nice, quiet, and peaceful. And to be honest, a little boring. Every day was the same old thing, so in the bedroom we would attempt to spice things up. So, when the subject of fantasies came up, I told her about my cuckold fantasies.


Now, I just want to say I love my wife. I loved her from the day I saw her, and I still love her to this day. I do not necessarily want to share her with anyone, but I have to admit that it has been a masturbation fantasy more than once of walking in and seeing her plowed by another man. I do not know why; it just has been. For some reason, I thought it was hot. And I told her about it that night, and she laughed and said she would take it under advisement. We then made love, and that was that. To be honest, I did not really even think about it again. Well, I had the fantasy more than once after that night, but never put any serious thought towards it.


Wife Becomes A Mistress


My wife, on the other hand, told me she wanted to be a Femdom Mistress when we talked about fantasies again. I asked her what she meant, and she said that she liked being in control, and loved the thought of guided masturbation and cock control games. This explained why I was the bottom so often, but I digress. She said she would even like to tell a guy how to masturbate for her. How fast, how slowly, lubricant or lotion, and that sort of thing. I think she called it guided masturbation. I told her we could try it that night, but she laughed and said she had plans for my dick to go in her pussy. She rode me hard that night, though. We even tried a little light nipple play which made me blow my load so hard. But I am getting off topic.


When I got home from a particularly ordinary day at work, I went home using the ordinary route and expected our ordinary nightly routine of dinner, game shows, and possibly sex. Instead, no one was in the living room. No scent of food in the air. But there was some banging up the stairs in our bedroom. I paused for a moment and heard my wife moaning. I ran up those stairs so fast, worried she was in trouble. I was not prepared for what I saw, however. And that sight was my gorgeous wife, riding our neighbor reverse cowgirl style, so she could see me walk through the door. I was shocked by what I was seeing. After a moment, and more than a few thrusts from our neighbor, I asked what the fuck was going on here, and my wife only replied with “Shut up.”


I was heartbroken, but still strangely turned on. I started to turn around, but my wife told me to stop, in a voice that made it sound more like a command. I looked back at her and she told me to go to the chair in the corner. I started to protest, but all I got from my wife was a loud “now”. I went to the chair, and she told me to strip off my clothes. I looked at her confused, but the now was repeated, this time louder, followed by the unmistakable sound of an orgasm. I looked down sheepishly and began to do as my wife instructed. I felt shame and humiliation as this guy we both barely spoke to fucked my wife while I removed my clothes.


Transformation To Cuckoldress Is Complete


“Sit” was the next command my wife gave me, and this time I obeyed without needing a now. I still looked down and was amazed by my hard cock. This caused more shame that I was turned on by my wife cheating on me in front of my eyes. My wife commanded me to look up at her, and I obeyed. She told me to look in her eyes while she was riding our neighbor, and I complied. She then told me to grab my stiff cock. Confused, I did as she asked, and then she gave one final command before her next orgasm. “Stroke for me,” she said. And I did as she instructed.


She told me when to go fast and when to go slowly, matching her movements on his cock with the ones my hand was making on mine. It took me longer than I am proud of to realize that this was her making both of our fantasies come true. I got to be a cuckold, and she got to be a mistress. In the end, all three of us came together. I also got to live out another fantasy that I never told anyone else about, coached cum eating, when my sensual Mistress wife told me to clean her creampie. It, to be honest, was a turning point.


That night was when I thought the train had derailed but had merely shifted tracks. I found out that she had approached our neighbor about this when she first brought up the Femdom thing. Turned out that he and his wife were not only swingers, but his wife was into the Femdom thing as well. Eventually, as things worked out, I became their pet as well as my wife’s slave. He and I even engaged in some coerced cock sucking for the ladies, and more than a few times just for ourselves. And that is how it goes, sometimes life leads you strange places. I never thought I was even the slightest bit gay, but I have a boyfriend I wouldn’t trade for anything. I have a wonderful keeper who treats me well. And, to top it all off, I have the love of my life at my side. I guess, when it comes down to it, sometimes acting out a fantasy can lead to things beyond your wildest dreams.


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