Cuckolds and Small Penises: Do All Cucks have Small Ones?

The link between cuckolds and penis size


Cuckolds and Small Penises

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What is a Cuckold?


Do all cuckolds have a small penis? Or do all males with a small penis size enjoy cuckold? If you find yourself daydreaming about your wife or girlfriend cuckolding you, and being with a man with a big penis, and you have a small penis, the connection is obvious: you know your lover could feel more sexually satisfied with a man packing a penis double your size. These are the humiliating thoughts and questions a cuckold with a small penis might experience.


What makes a cuckold tick? Although there may not be a definite answer, but rather, multiple ones - many cuckolds with a small penis feel they cannot sexually satisfy any woman in bed, or that they simply can't perform or keep up with a woman that likes to be sexually challenged. Some cuckolds may even lean toward the feminine side - wanting to talk with their wives or girlfriends about the lovers they have sex with as if having 'girl talk'. Some even express a domesticated role - cleaning the house, cooking, etc - whilst their woman is out playing with her stud. Another approach is the act of serving her through preparing her by helping her get dressed for her date, or being actively involved in the sex through stimulating her with his tongue, and sometimes, cleaning up the ejaculate of the other man, also called a "creampie". A cuckold's approach to sexuality is generally more on the submissive side of the spectrum, and a small penis size can have a huge factor toward their attitude on cuckoldry.


According to the Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research, the average penis size is 6.16 inches long, and girth is 4.84 inches. Recently, other studies have placed the average penis size at 5.5 inches. If your girl is presented with an eight -inch penis, or a more average 5.5 inch penis - which do you think she will choose? Would she say penis size doesn't matter, or would she make you into a cuckold choosing the bigger, thicker penis? Does the bigger penis winning out over your smaller penis excite you? Those are questions that you, the cuckold, should ask yourself when exploring cuckoldry as a fantasy or as a reality.


Some men find it exciting that their wives will never have sex with them again, thus ousting their small penis forever and going for the bigger men. It's sheer humiliation at best, but exciting when they help their cuckoldress dress in their sexiest clothes and heels, whilst the cuckold stays home, whipping up fantasies about what might be happening to the girl they love. If this is your fantasy, does the thought of your woman never having sex with you again turn you on? Or, if you have, in reality, allowed her to make you into a cuckold - are you ready for her to have sex with you once in awhile, or not at all?

A caller who calls into shares his thoughts on being cuckolded, saying that his wife is happier because she has great sex with her bigger man, whilst having sex with him once in awhile. Although, he expresses some thoughts of jealousy, he also relishes in the excitement of it knowing he has a smaller penis, and that his wife cums more often with a bigger penis. He also stated they have been in a cuckold relationship for three years, and wishes they had started it sooner!


Not necessarily. Just because you have a below average penis does not mean you should naturally be attracted to another man having sex with your wife. The cuckold fetish first starts in the mind - you have to be excited by the notion of your woman with another man, and become aroused by the humiliating experience. A big percentage of men who are into the cuckold fetish are naturally aroused by the idea of their partner partaking an outside sexual relationship, whether by watching or having knowledge of it. However, cuckoldry oftentimes remains a fantasy if their wife or girlfriend isn't into the idea. If you the feel the desire to express your cuckold side - you can always share them with the Mistresses of! Giving advice, or role playing is what we love to do!

by Mistress Cecilia

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