Huge Cocks and Cuckolds

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cuckold mistress Tanya A woman will sometimes overlook what's "real" for the sake of being happy as in many relationships. This does not mean that she does not notice when certain elements are missing from a relationship yet she can allow herself to see the "future possibilities".

Women understand that all men are different. Included in these differences are the size of their cocks. While most women find it hard to admit it, bigger is better.

The Huge Cock Advantage

There are some many advantages of having a man with a large cock - a well endowed man is nearly impossible for any woman to resist. Even though we understand these advantages, some women opt to be in a relationship with a man whose cock does not measure up to her expectation. This is where things become interesting.

The Plight of the Small Penis Cuckold

Men with small cocks are usually surprised when a woman honestly considers being in a relationship with them. They may be able to spoil her with gifts and please her in other ways, but they know inside that she is not completely satisfied with the size of their cocks. In the back of their minds, because they honestly want her to be happy, they know that she deserves to have that "huge cock" that all women want and why shouldn't she? This is the point in a relationship when a man lets go of his ego and becomes determined to truly give her everything that she wants. A cuckold relationship is formed.

There's nothing wrong with having a small cock but there's no need to make your wife or girlfriend suffer. She must obviously find something attractive about you and for that reason, if nothing else, she should be rewarded with a huge cock. Cuckolding is one way that men with small cocks can show their wives or girlfriends just how much they really mean to them. Its the gift that keeps on giving.

The Cuckold, The Bull - Symbiosis

Cuckolding with another man who makes up for your sexual inadequate attributes lets your wife or girlfriend know that she is worthy of having everything that she wants. This triggers a woman's inner sexual twin and releases her most intimate desires. She would finally be able to explore sexual thoughts that may have seemed hopeless with a small cock man. Being able to have sex with a huge cock man will encourage her to expect to receive everything else she wants to come true.

Every one knows that when women are happy good things tend to follow. Now it may not turn out exactly how some may assume, can they really complain if she is happy? Having a cuckold relationship involving both a small and huge cock gives a woman more options for entertainment. Women are very creative creatures so finding "sexual task" for both men comes naturally.

Cuckolds: Sometimes watching is the most you can hope for

These "sexual tasks" should never be expected by men with small cocks which makes them even more pleasurable. The primary purpose of a cuckold relationship is making the woman happy. Sexual tasks are only assigned if they will make a woman happy. These tasks may included anything from helping her get ready for her huge cock or possibly getting him ready as a "fluffer". Whichever the case, these task will only be considered if a woman wants them and if they will "please" her. Many times women will allow their small cock husbands or boyfriends to "taste" her afterwards as a way of saying thank you. This is considered by many to be one of the highest regarded sexual tasks in cuckolding and only rewarded to those men who go out of their way to make sure their wife or girlfriend are happy at all times.

Making women happy should be a priority for all men because we deserve it. Women enjoy huge cocks and they should be able to have one whenever she wants. Besides even if you have a small cock, not all men do. Give her what she wants and you will be rewarded in return.

Women have very creative ways of saying "thank you" without ever saying a word so give her something to be thankful for.

by Mistress Tanya of Cuckold Fantasies
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