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A Hot Wife’s Introduction To Cuckolding


Some insights and tips from a Femdom Mistress for your introduction to cuckolding.  What we’ve learned as a Femdom can be used to enhance your relationship or fantasies you have regarding cuckolding.

Introducing and negotiating a cuckold lifestyle may take on many forms. Cheating on your spouse often leads to divorce. But as you will see cuckolding doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship, it can be just an evolution of your relationship.


A Hot Wife Needs More

How the idea of cuckolding enters into a relationship can take on many forms. There are some cuckold relationships that go the traditional route. The idea of stepping out on your husband organically comes to light on the wife’s side. Your introduction to cuckolding was abrupt and unexpected.

You have been married for a number of years, and you’ve always told yourself that your sex life is ok. How sad is that word “Okay”? Not good, not great. Okay. Your wife tries not to resent your husband’s demure size. But after years of trying to be satisfied, she’s resigned herself to having orgasms other ways, intercourse wasn’t going to give her orgasms with you.

She has days out with friends, and there’s always that one woman who absolutely glows and gushes over her sex life.  Usually one of the single ladies, and she isn’t shy about sharing details. Your wife finds her mind drifting to images of her friend’s words. Remembering how she sighed over how big his cock was, how effortless were her orgasms.  Soon your wife realizes she is aching to be her friend.  Then she finds more. She brings cuckolding home.

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Other times the idea of cuckolding is brought up by your “want to be cuckold”, husband. He knows there’s something missing in the relationship and it equates to a paltry 3-4″.  Small penis cuckolds comprise a large portion of all cuckolds, but not all.

Sometimes the cuckold’s cock  doesn’t hold its erection for very long. Premature ejaculation is another reason why your husband craves to be cuckolded. Your husband is painfully aware of his cock’s shortcomings in size or performance.

Maybe your husband has submissive tendencies and every day he’s pushed into Alpha male land, this builds stress within him.  He dreams of a different life.

Down The Cuckolding Path

Depending on how cuckolding is brought into your relationship determines some of those first challenges. If the idea of cuckolding is introduced by the wife, there are going to be some emotional and physical challenges for the cuckold husband to deal with. Often when revealing that you’ve been stepping out, all those girls’ nights out were really with him it’s only natural that this news is met with some heady emotions. Be patient. You know your husband, respond to him so he hears you. Some husbands respond better to a stern attitude. Others have a matter-of-fact tone or are empathetic and patient.

Sometimes it’s the cuckold husband who becomes aware of his wife’s strange behavior.  Certainly, he cannot discuss the change in her behavior with friends or family, how humiliating that would be. What if his perceptions were wrong? What kind of paranoid nutcase would he be then? It’s very common when husbands have these challenges in processing intimate data they reach out to an experienced Mistress for counsel.

Cuckold Husband Fantasies

When the idea of cuckolding comes from the husband, you better believe those ideas have been percolating in that brain for quite some time. His cuckold fantasies are probably well-fleshed out.

As mentioned previously, it’s common that cuckolds don’t feel they measure up in some form or another.

The excuse “You are just so hot, I couldn’t help it” is not a compliment and gets old, really quick. In her mind you are a man, the one job you have to do and do well is to hold that cum until she is satisfied. You fail.  Then are you a man if you cannot provide?

Still, other cuckold desires and motivations revolve around the husband’s submissive nature. Regardless of why, the cuckold husband fantasizes about his wife being with an alpha male, with a decent meaty cock, and is able to effortlessly satisfy her like he cannot.

Introduction To Cuckolding The Confession Confession

When your husband confesses about his cuckold fantasies and desires it humbles him and he is more vulnerable during this time than ever before. He has been wrestling with these thoughts for a long time. The wise hot wife is patient and cunning. She plays the long game. Even if the idea of cuckolding your husband is such an extreme idea that it turns you off, take a deep breath. Do not reject his idea outright.  Think this over, think your marriage over. This is a time when everything can change and change for the better, for you.

Hot Wife Using His Cuckold Fantasies

The wise hot wife listens to her husband. She picks up on subtle nuances in tone or pitch of voice as he shares his fantasies. You learn. This is where you begin to take his power. He is literally handing the reigns of your lifestyle to you. From the division of labor in the home, to what your intimate activities entail.  You can take control little by little if you like. Remember a cuckold’s submission is his gift to you. Here’s the beautiful part. You can take some or all of his power. Let that sink in.

There is no rush to delve into your husband’s revelation or to answer him regarding how you are receiving the information.  It’s probably best you think it through a bit. Let the knowledge and possibilities sink in. If you are unsure of the benefits of being a hot wife you have a lot to learn. End the conversation with the husband.  Assure him that you will think over what he said, hope he’s open to questions or further discussion. Keep an open mind. Trust this tease and delay will be very titillating for him.

Introduction To Cuckolding: Hot Wife Mindset

This lifestyle is all about you. You are the leader what you say, goes.  Many women are familiar with taking charge in other areas of their lives, but the intimate side is still filled with enthusiastic if not submissive partners. When you are a hot wife all you will do is take charge in the bedroom too.  Remember with power comes responsibilities. Taking care, or ensuring care for your cuckold husband doesn’t vanish, it just evolves.

Won’t taking charges cause me to be overwhelmed in life? I really don’t need one more thing to do. No. That’s beauty number two about cuckolding. Delegate, delegate, delegate. It will be a temporary increase in effort but in the long run, you’ll come out ahead.

Benefits Of Being A Hot Wife

With your cuckold husband as the introduction to cuckolding in  your relationship, you have a lot of leverage. Require his full involvement at home and in bed. He will gladly agree. Lighted your burden task by task, as you see fit. This should provide you with a little alone time on a regular basis. Time to be pampered and enjoy your rewards. Cuckold body worship is a favorite activity for many hot wives.

Talk to your husband often during intimate times, like taking a bubble bath. Share fantasies about other men or your experiences with your lover with him. That’s his reward. Where your relationship goes from here, time and you will tell. Do you want sex? Great, you can have it. Rather a massage and no sex? Your wish is his command.

To further your introduction to cuckolding and get customized help about your cuckolding fantasy or lifestyle,  our experienced cuckold Mistresses can address your questions and can help you slide into your new role.


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