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Are Cuckolds Gay


Are cuckolds gay? When we explore the cuckolding spectrum, our fantasies about cuckolding are enhanced with an honest view of who you are as a cuckold  So the question , are cuckolds gay is very common and for good reason. Many cuckolds or cuckold fantasies involve the cuckold being a fluffer, or they desire to be used as a human sex toy by their hot wife, and her bull lover. But does that mean they are gay? Is this our powerful brains maneuvering around and getting what it wants without having to admit their gay desires?  We know from talking with many who are cuckolds or fantasize about being a cuckold that the answer is It could, but not always. Let’s take a look at some common cuckold motivations as we flesh out this subject.

Cuckold Insecurity

It’s not uncommon for a cuckold to feel doubtful or insecure about his prowess as a man. The number one insecurity for men is the size of their penis. When you combine that insecurity with the fact that 52 percent of males will experience some form of erectile dysfunction during their sexual journey, and 30-40 percent will experience premature ejaculation you have a powder keg of possible challenges to their ability to perform.

Husbands love their wives, they feel deeply their wives should not be penalized because of their lackluster size, or possibly lackluster performance. So some concede if they can’t get the job done, they will have to acquiesce to someone else, taking their place.

Submissive Cuckold

Some cuckolds have elements of submissiveness that are cultivated during the cuckolding journey. Other cuckolds are very submissive in nature but because of their social conditioning, they try and mask their submissive nature. But as we know these desires just don’t evaporate because we wish them to. Perhaps they can’t even admit their submissive desires to themselves or their partners. They crave being controlled, they crave to serve.  Cuckolding is a delicious way to express your submissive desires.

Humiliation Kink And Cuckolding

Cuckold Fantasies exploring cuckolding 1-800-505-1678Humiliation hurts so good.  Cuckolding naturally provides a humiliation element, from mild to deliberate and harsh. There are times when the love of humiliation as an erotic stimulus proceeds the cuckolding desires, sometimes these powerful triggers converge at the same time. Humiliation is a pain for the brain in much the same way pain play impacts our brain. Both produce a hormonal reaction to protect ourselves and lessen the pain.  Humiliation is a pain for the brain which is processed in our bodies in the same way as physical pain.  For this motivation towards cuckolding it’s the quest for humiliation and ratcheting up that humiliation factor the cuckold is chasing.

Cuckolding Desires And Bi-Sexual Play

If we take these three major motivators for cuckolding you will see that sexual orientation hasn’t even been mentioned. Being gay, and wanting cock does not have to play a part in cuckolding. Some cuckolds never meet the bull, and others who have met the bull have never seen any sexual engagement with their hot wives. So if the cuckold is gay, and a motivator for cuckolding is to engage in  ‘permitted’ gay activity, as you can see it probably isn’t a viable avenue to pursue for someone who has bi-sexual or gay desires.

If A Cuckold Isn’t Gay

If a cuckold isn’t gay why do they engage in bi-sexual play? Considering the motivations above it stands to reason that they engage because doing what they are told is paramount.  It isn’t about the cuckold’s pleasure it’s about her pleasure, her lover’s pleasure. With this dynamic and mindset, you can certainly find a cuckold sucking a cock, but not because the cuckold desires to do it.  In this instance, the cuckold becomes a fluffer because it aligns with their submissive nature.

Moving right along, the humiliation element is also a large part of some cuckold’s existence. Here, the humiliation aspect is paramount. These cuckolds, although they are submissive crave to be humiliated because they are a cuckold. At first, the cuckold’s hot wife might tease the cuckold with the details of her sex dates. Some couples move along that humiliation scale, ramping up the intensity when the hot wife texts naughty images of her lover’s huge cock to the cuckold. Imagine the humiliation when the cuckold sees his wife’s left hand and her wedding set in full view. But more often than not, with humiliation play, there is a need for ever-increasing humiliating stimulus. This leads the cuckold to his knees and worships the nice fat cock of his wife’s lover.

Ramping Up The Humiliation With Sissy Play

Humiliation is next level when the cuckold is feminized into a sissy cuckold fluffer. Panties, painted and prancing around in feminine attire. It is a visual demonstration of the status of the cuckold. Softer, feminine no way can this cuckold mistakenly think they are a man, and often cuckolds report feeling their masculinity draining away with each step. As their feminization continues it leads to a progression of a full-blown, pansy sissy. Adding demeanor and comportment to the sissy dress, it’s evident you are not, nor were you ever a real man.

Are Cuckolds Gay Or Turned Gay?

With all of this said, yes some cuckolds are gay. But they drank the culture juice that says being gay is wrong, or somehow not a preferred behavior for a real man. They found themselves pushed towards the traditional marriage to a woman, a white picket fence etcetera.  It’s not to say they don’t love their wives, or desire to be intimate with them. But they do have bi-curious desires. So cuckolding is a clever way for our huge brains to come up with a situation that is the best of both worlds.

It is also true some cuckolds while exploring their cuckold lifestyle may find themselves with new, or discovery of homosexual desires.  Typically it’s when the hot wife requires the cuckold to be present in the room when she is intimate with her lover.  The intimacy can even include the hot wife ordering her cuckold to please her bull lover. High arousal, combined with new sexual stimulus equals a cuckold fluffer, for example. The cuckold may develop a taste and desire for homosexual intimacy. Showing that it is possible, with the right circumstance a cuckold, for lack of a better term, is turned gay.

Do You Have Cuckolding And Gay Desires

Are your feelings confusing? Unsure if your cuckolding interests are motivated by submission, curiosity, or something else. You certainly don’t feel comfortable talking with anyone else in your circle, that’s what kept you reading until this point. We have a lot of experienced and knowledgeable  Mistresses, and other articles about cuckolding and the Mistress’ blogs are all great resources.

When you’re ready to admit your desires, the Cuckold Mistresses are here!

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