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Are You A Submissive Cuckold


The submissive cuckold might seem like a no-brainer, many think all cuckolds are submissive. Although that thought may garner a valid argument, we will see in this article something that will make you question that statement. There is one type of cuckold that bears mentioning when discussing submission and cuckolding. We will look at this type of cuckold and I want you to ask yourself: Is this sect of cuckolding husbands submissive?  Let’s take a look at submission, cuckolding, and who can help you with exploring your submission and cuckold fantasies.

Submission And Cuckolding

Using the definition of submission: To accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person. When a husband or significant other becomes aware they are indeed being cuckolded they have a choice. Accept his hotwife’s desires, or make a departure from the relationship. Therefore one can argue that his staying and accepting his wife cuckolding him is a form of submission. In strict terms, they are not wrong, and we arrive at one end of the spectrum of cuckolding submission, the cuckold accepting and yielding to his hotwife’s desires.

At this end of the continuum, the husband does not submit to his wife or her lover in a physical, or sexual way. But his continuation in the relationship, his acceptance of her cuckolding him is the extent of his submission. The couple lives as they always have. The only change is her leaving and joining her lover for her illicit trysts.

Cuckolding Power Exchange And Submission

Many who fantasize about cuckolding, enjoy power exchange elements. Both the hotwife (dominant) and cuckold husband (submissive) partake in rituals or other behaviors which emphasize their roles. Name changes: Mistress, or cuck. Cuckold worshiping his hotwife’s body, kneeling. Evolving and increasing the power exchange elements you can expect to see activities like a cuckold participating when his hot wife prepares for a date. Helping to pick out lingerie and the dress his wife will wear, with an eye on pleasing her lover with your selections.

Moving along the submissive continuum it’s common for cuckold husbands to be in chastity. Chastity really exemplifies the power dynamic. How hot is it when she wears that key around her neck on dates? Including the cuckold in the lover’s play by texting pictures and vids of the sexy shebang. Humiliation is an often used element to accentuate the power exchange.

At the other end of the cuckold continuum, you have the fully feminized submissive sissy cuckold living 24/7 as a submissive sissy husband, who fluffs and submits to both his wife and her bull lover. The cuckold husband may still work to bring home the money needed to support his hot wife and cuckold lifestyle. However, when they walk through that front door, cuckold sheds his false public mask and reveals their true self in both dress and behavior.

Are All Cuckolds Submissive

cuckold fantasies, are all cuckolds submissive, 18+One can conclude: If you are a cuckold, you are a submissive cuckold. As we have discussed, regardless of how you look at cuckolding there is some element of submission involved. But is that right? I think there’s one scenario that we haven’t considered. If a cuckold’s submission is acquiescing to another’s desires, what if it’s the husband who has cuckolding desires? What if the husband loves everything about marriage but feels asexual? Or perhaps the stress or pressure to have sex and “perform”  is more stressful than finding someone to help fulfill his wife’s sexual needs.

In this situation, it is feasible to conclude this cuckold isn’t submissive. The desires were his, he is getting what he wants.

In other instances, the cuckold brings cuckolding to the relationship and wants to engage sexually at some level with being a cuckold. From masturbating alone remembering how she looked when she left, to engaging sexually with the couple, or just being the suffering cuckold fluffer.  We have a situation where the husband desires to be engaged as a cuckold, to engage in cuckold activities even including humiliation. He is behaving as the submissive and the hot couple takes on the role of the dominant.  In this example, it’s much easier to agree the cuckold is submissive.

Perhaps you disagree with this assessment? Fair enough, it is an interesting topic to bring up with your favorite Mistress and see what her opinion is.

Submission And Cuckolding

From the simple acceptance to being a full-time submissive sissy, the majority of the cuckolding will hold some level of submission. What lifestyle develops, or level of submission, it is unique to the individual couple. But also true is that submission evolves over time, similarly to humiliation.

Embrace the journey, the growth, and where it takes you. Often with any fetish play or lifestyle, we grow and evolve over time. With cuckolding the way and degree you submit and experience humiliation often changes or increases. So if you are at the acceptance level of submission and nothing else, it wouldn’t be a surprise to revisit you down the line and find you helping your wife prepare for her date. Masturbating over the images she texts you on her dates.

What Level Of Submission Will You Experience


Where will your cuckolding fantasies take you is yet to be seen. Imagining yourself as a sissy cuckold fluffer might be on your hard no-go list today, and sometimes cuckolds never experience being a fluffer, but many have a change of heart. Many find themselves aching to be more involved in their wife’s intimate play with their lover. Others never do. The important thing is to accept your purpose and place, to explore your submission and where it can take you.

Exploring who you are as a submissive cuckold in fantasy play is a great way to explore your desires. Will your fantasies come to fruition? The Mistresses at Cuckold Fantasies can help you with all of this.

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