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Benefits Of A Cuckold In Chastity

Many hot wives put their cuckold in chastity. Many Mistresses here at the Empire have put cuckolds in chastity, as part of cuckold training. Are there benefits to having a cuckold in chastity?    Understanding what chastity cuckolding is and how would cuckolds benefit from chastity, is our focus today. We hope to offer you some insight, and fun ways you and your cuckold can have fun with chastity in your relationship. But first, what is chastity and what does it look like when fleshed out in a cuckolding relationship?

Chastity For Cocks And Cucks

A big element in many cuckold relationships is Dominance and submission, where the hot wife also dominates her cuckold husband. Sometimes it’s the hot couple who dominate, the wife and her lover who decide about the cuckold being in chastity.  The chastity cage is a symbol of control, of ownership a connection. The hot wife can choose to let her husband out daily to give a wank Fantasy or for real lets talk about cuckolds in chastity 1-800-505-1678 18+or periodically/rarely let him out to masturbate to orgasm.  The purpose of chastity is a visual and tactile representation of the power dynamic in the relationship.  With the side benefit of controlling the cuckold’s sexual life and shaping behaviors.

Just like any other fetish, or kink play, there is a continuum, or perhaps spectrum is a better term. On the one end, chastity is part of a greater tease and power exchange, the cuckie is released on a regular schedule. Some hot wives swear their cuckold husbands are better fluffers, and caretakers when firmly controlled and released on a less frequent basis.  There are also sissy cuckolds, who are at their sissy best when denied for longer times.  More times than not, the sissy cuckold has a demure small femcock and it deserves to be locked.

Cocks In Chastity

Are there benefits of a cuckold in chastity? The simple answer is yes. Chastity is good for all males and in particular submissive males. Many feel all men should experiment with chastity during their lifetime as it provides for greater emotional growth. For the non-beta, average Joe, chastity can benefit you by offering you freedom and connection. This may sound strange, but hear me out. Be honest with yourself. Brutally honest about the time you spend seeking out fapping fodder, negotiating a time and place for the activity, and then, onto the exploration of self-love.  Then times that amount of time by how many wanks you have in an average week.

What if you realize you are a chronic masturbator and know the time you spend the relationships you take a pass on, in favor of wanking and need help breaking your habit?

How much time is that in a month? Year? With a keyholder, you can put that in the back of your mind. It’s not your job anymore. There are also yummy emotional changes that happen as well, but unpucker your bottom we won’t be talking too much about those “feelings” here. Those conversations are better addressed during training with your Mistress or figuring out with your hot wife. Suffice it to say, to become a better human isn’t a bad thing.

As far as chastity helps build a strong connection with the keyholder. More intimate more in intune with your partner than you ever dreamed of.

Benefits Of Cuckold In Chastity

For  Cuckolds the benefits are similar but chastity also can be used to help ease you into new behaviors. Behaviors your hot wife requires of you.  Some cuckolds dive in with two feet, eager to do, lick, suck, whatever is required. Many, particularly those cuckolds who are surprised to find out their hot wife has moved on to another cock, and not their idea need time, and training. After all, think about it. It is a big fall.  The cuckold can process the changes in his life but still have a very deep and meaningful connection to their partner. She holds your Key. It encourages submissive behavior. Locking on a chastity cage always increases feelings of submissiveness.

For a well-rounded, happy cuckold husband many hot wives administer a more gradual approach to a cuckold’s life.  She has the key, she has the power, can she help it if she addicts you to her cream pie when she comes home from her lovers? How much responsibility do you have if you were made, to please your wife? She requires you to suck cock and with chastity helps you overcome any previous obstacles.

What Behaviors Can Chastity Benefit

Most of you will agree that people respond to a reward system. You behave, perform, provide X and you get Y reward. For those naysayers who say “I tried that it doesn’t work”, my answer is: Because you didn’t have the right reward or high enough value in the reward.

For example: Say I give you 50.00 to wash my car. You might do it and be glad I gave you the money. Take the same scenario, and up that ante to a thousand dollars, I would bet you’d be back in my face in a week, asking to wash my car again.  Let’s say you are a millionaire, a thousand dollars is nothing to you. You won’t wash my car. But if I had something the millionaire wanted, say an orgasm. Well. Now you see what I mean. The reward must be high, and it must be a reward that the person highly values.

Combining the reward with chastity and denial and you have a powerful combination.

So licking precum, eating cream pie, washing your hot wife’s panties after her dates, fluffing her lover. Whatever behavior your hot wife needs, the cuckold will provide.

Extending the time locked up, and increasing that arousal level is a benefit your hot wife will utilize.  When the cuckold behavior is performed the reward is granted. The sky is the limit. Some might think this is very manipulative or cruel. I assure you, it is manipulative and everyone is manipulative at some level or another. The cuckold is a consensual participant and embraces the embodiment of the cuckold’s life.

Cuckold In Chastity Fun

For the playful cuckold couple, games of chance are always popular. Incorporating a ritual that every X day of the week, the cuckold rolls the dice. Then the cuckold’s wife gets to apply a task, kinky or vanilla to earn a few strokes. Other times for a ruined orgasm, or full orgasm. Submissive cuckolds love to please so maybe the reward is to please her with a dildo the size of her lover. What a lucky cuckold!

Wearing the chastity key around her neck when she goes out with her lover. Are you a lucky cuckold and get to watch or participate? The hotness factor just soared with the introduction of that pretty necklace. Each time she touches the key in any way, the cuckold has to kiss or lick something.

Texting the cuckold while on your date, really increases the humiliation factor and moves your lover that much closer to screwing your lover in your marital bed.

Cuckold Training And Hot Wife Fun

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