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Common Cuckold Myths

by Ms. Audrey of


Cuckolding is one of those fetishes that seems highly unlikely until you try it. Callers often admit that once they’ve enjoyed a cuckold experience, regular sex was never as much fun again. If you’re cuckold curious and looking to explore an erotic cuckold session, cuckolding may seem mysterious and exotic, but it simply begins with a fantasy of seeing your wife or girlfriend with another man. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to see her getting great pleasure from someone else, often (but not necessarily) a partner who is much more well endowed than yourself? That is the basis of cuckolding in a nut shell.

Like many fetishes, there are an unlimited number of cuckold fantasies. Did you know that cuckolding fantasies don’t actually require having a tiny penis? It’s okay if you’re actually average or even well endowed. Let’s take a look at some common misconceptions about cuckolding so that you can better communicate your needs.


Myth #1. It’s only about size


As mentioned, cuckolding is rarely just about Small Penis Humiliation. Although it’s true that men with below average sized cocks often enjoy cuckolding, there are just as many callers whose attraction to cuckolding has nothing to do with their size. For many men the rush of cuckolding is tied to unspoken submissive needs and erotic humiliation. Cuckold humiliation is a special kind of erotic humiliation, and if you haven’t yet experienced it but are curious, like many fantasies, it leads to much darker places. Fantasies don’t have to be rooted in reality, if you’ve got a large penis you can still enjoy being mocked about your size. Like the other cuckold myths, this one just doesn’t stand up to facts.


Myth #2. It’s always about color


Yes there’s a brick load of porn dedicated to the BBC cuckold fantasy, but many cuckolds could care less about the color of their girlfriend or the skin color of their wife’s lover. One of the universals of cuckolding is the rush from thinking about one’s significant other all turned on, horny and seemingly willing to do almost anything for another man. Again erotic humiliation may include feelings of inferiority when compared to a ridiculously well endowed stud, or be related to not being able to please your woman in bed, but it’s equally possible that erotic cuckolding can also be more about her desires to please a more dominant man.


Myth #3. A woman cuckolding a man is always dominant


Yes, there are dominant women who will take you with a strap-on before cuckolding you, but there are also plenty of women who enjoy cuckolding and are submissive. One of the more subtle forms of cuckolding is when a submissive woman feels that her partner is also a bit too submissive. She searches out a more dominant male in the bedroom and ultimately this can lead to the darkest of cuckold fantasies. When a cuckold and his woman are both submissive, this leaves the dominant male with plenty of options…


Ready to explore the cuckold fetish?


When you put aside the cuckold myths and mystery you learn that the cuckold lifestyle is as varied and complex as the people who participate in it. Whether you happen to adore BBC, have a small penis, or are deeply submissive yourself, or the exact opposite of all those traits, there’s something fun in the cuckold lifestyle for you. The Cuckold Mistresses can show you how much pleasure there is in sitting back and watching your partner with another lover.


Ready to experience the cuckold lifestyle for yourself? The Cuckold Mistresses are waiting for you.

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