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Play a Cuckold Game with Your Mistress!

You love being a cuckold, and you’ve been cuckolded by your Mistress for
awhile, so why not play a game? Whether you are wearing chastity or not,
chances are, your Mistress has control of your orgasms while she is
cuckolding you. So, this is your chance to win an orgasm if you follow the
rules to the game below.

First of all, you will want to get a deck of cards. Have your Phone Sex Mistress lie
them out in front of you, face down. She will then blindfold you, then she
will then write down a series of 10 numbers and the color of each number –
red or black, whichever she chooses. She will also choose which is the
“benefit color” for her. Perhaps it is red, perhaps it is black. Let’s say,
this time, she chooses red. She will also choose the color of each of those
numbers, whether they be red or black.

Now it’s your turn to choose 10 numbers, along with the colors, and say them
out loud as she writes them down. For example, you choose a red five, etc.
Now it is time for her to take the blind off of you, and now you need to
choose 10 cards from the stack she has fanned out in front of you.

Let’s say you draw a red five of hearts. Red is her benefit color! This
benefits her and this means she gets to do five different things with her
lover – whether it is a blowjob, or her being pleasured by his tongue, or
what have you. This is all her choice. Then, she will get to tell you about
it how she cuckolded you!

If you choose a black ten of spades, then, this is your benefit card and you
get ten days to masturbate, or a ten minute hand job from your Mistress –
whichever you choose, and whatever works for your relationship. The rules
of the game are definitely negotiable and can be changed.

Have fun being a cuckold for your Mistress and for more games you can play
with our Mistresses – call!


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