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Dealing With Your Cuckold Emotions


How are you dealing with your cuckold emotions? One big challenge a cuckold faces is how to deal with the emotional component of being a cuckold. How you are introduced into the cuckolding realm can also lend to different emotional elements to process and move beyond.  Today, we will look at the most common emotional challenges cuckolds face. Is there help out there for a cuckold moving through these heady emotional elements?

Your Introduction To  Cuckolding

How cuckolding is introduced into your relationship will dictate your emotional turmoil and what you must process. Some cuckolds bring the fantasy of watching their special someone fucking another into the relationship. It’s a huge turn-on for cuckolds, to watch their partner receive pleasure from another.

They share this desire with their partners, sometimes the partners jump in with two feet, and other times its outright rejection of the idea. A hard stop.  While Cuckold Emotions , cuckold fantasies, 18+ 1-800-505-1678other times it is an evolution over time towards cuckolding.

Cuckold Emotions Through Fantasy Play

In this scenario, couples often role play or fantasize together about her cuckolding him. A way for them to play, bond and try out the behavior and sexiness of cuckolding.

The challenge is:  with our fantasies, we control the aspects of the fantasy. We control the level of emotions. We imagine how we might feel. But at the end of the day, all the players say and do exactly what turns you on.

So eventually, when the fantasy is brought to fruition the cuckold may experience intense jealousy or humiliation that wasn’t anticipated in the fantasy.

When you take your fantasy to real-time, there are two other people in the mix. The cuckold can’t control what is said, what they experience. Imagining your wife on a date vs seeing her walk out the door into another man’s arms is quite another.

You think it’s sexy in fantasy when you imagine your wife’s left hand and wedding set wrapped around a firm throbbing cock. However, when the image is sent to you, or you witness it firsthand, the emotions and the humiliation is quite real, this time, and very powerful.

Please understand, even with the exacerbation of the emotional experience when cuckold fantasy turns reality, more times than not it also increases the cuckold’s sexual arousal.

You Discovered Your Wife Is Screwing Another

When your introduction to cuckolding came out of the blue. The thought of your wife sleeping around was never a fantasy you’ve had. But suddenly you realize that she is cuckolding you. Either by your discovery or a heartfelt chat where she tells you what she has been up to. This situation will always come with additional challenges emotionally.

Contrary to the first scenario, where the husband knows he’s turned on by being a cuckold, in this situation the husband has to find his place. If he’s going to stay, and she requires a lover it will be a huge adjustment, emotionally, to take a back seat.

As challenging as it is to work through the hurt or betrayal you felt at first once you move beyond it the cuckold is in for more challenges.

Although it’s not 100% It is a common phenomenon that is interesting! When a cuckold husband chooses to stay in the marriage they eventually become highly aroused over his wife having a lover.

A few things happen when this is the evolutionary path for a surprise cuckold. Early on, after the discovery and negotiation of the new path of their marriage, the husband is left at home. The hot wife goes on her date. Angry, jealous, and since she’s getting regular dick elsewhere, horny. He googles cuckold porn, his emotions are as high as his arousal, and has an explosive orgasm, imagining the woman in the porn was his wife. Just one-way cuckold minds are turned.

Cuckold Emotions 

We can easily see that jealousy and envy will be a big part of the cuckold experience. With many cuckolds, these emotions give rise to higher levels of hormones like testosterone and cortisol. Testosterone is also used along with other hormones for sexual arousal. Do you see the dangerous mix?

Having these emotions and feeling aroused at the same time. It’s very confusing for a cuckold.  It’s also confusing and concerning when a cuckold finds themselves becoming aroused by cock. Questions like “Am I gay? Am I BI” run through your head. Where will these feelings lead? You’ve heard of a cuckold fluffer, is that ahead for you?

Conflicted feelings, when the cuckold truly wants his wife happy but finds himself fantasizing more about her lover than, her. The cuckold examines their life for little tells, which may have hinted at bisexuality. We can’t discount other emotional challenges. Struggling with the message in your head, which is often our culture talking. It says you should be angry, vengeful, and be a man and put your foot down.

Shame and guilt, as you can imagine are prevalent as well.  For the surprised cuckold, what kind of man has a wife who cuckolds him? The trepidation you feel thinking about those closest to you finds out. For the cuckold who initiated the play, what kind of man enjoys taking a back seat to his wife’s pleasure to the degree she’s getting dick outside of your marriage.

Help With These Cuckold Emotions

There is help for you cuckold. From a friendly ear, being able to vent your emotions with Mistress. To tips and tricks to help you with your cuckolding journey. You don’t have to go it alone. You can process your emotions, and come to terms with their new way of life. It’s so much easier, and more fun when you have a sexy and experienced Mistress who listens and understands.

A cuckold Mistress is also a great repository of knowledge.  Many ladies provide cuckold training which can include adult chats and helping you move forward. You can explore your fantasies or train for in-person behaviors in hopes to be required to perform them at home.

Cuckolding can be a very challenging experience and there is nothing wrong with having intense feelings.  What you need is help to find your new balance.


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