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Hot Wife Tips From Mistress

These hot wife tips on cuckolding will fuel your cuckolding fantasies, or be hinted at in your cuckold lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some hot cuckolding elements and how you can include them in your cuckold journey or fantasies.

Fantasy or Fact we move forward.

Your relationship has evolved and you are cuckolding your husband.  Your power in the relationship grew, and his submissiveness did too. Now what? Being a hot wife can mean more than just fucking a hot cock on the side. Every cuckolding relationship may have its own boundaries and dynamic. This article focuses on the Dominant wife-submissive husband dynamic.

In the submissive cuckold’s lifestyle, the hot wife dominates the husband.  You have the opportunity to mold that cuckold’s brain from being at least slightly submissive, as evidenced by him not leaving the relationship. Or however submissive you want him to be.  You have the power to mold him into the husband you you’ve always needed, or dreamed of.

Being In Charge Doesn’t Mean More Work

I know many of you just rolled your eyes, thinking how much more work there is when you are “in charge”. You never imagined you would ever be a hot wife, and your plate is full of tasks, responsibilities, and commitments already, and now when tasked to explore yet another role, it’s overwhelming.

You see, when you work on your husbands’ submissive nature you also work on embracing your role as a hot wife and Dominant. Keep reading.

The typical Woman hears about an added element to her marriage and automatically assumes that her already full plate is just going to get heavier.  Deep breath and hear me out. That’s not a hotwife, nor a Dominant mindset. Good news, you can turn it right around. Your tasks and responsibilities will shift, not add to your burden. There might be an uptick in “work” until boundaries and expectations are set.

Hot Wife Delegation

Take your power, and embrace your hot wife role. Require your cuckold husband to step up his game. You don’t enjoy housework, cooking, or running errands? Whatever you need, from housework, and errands,  to preparing what you’ll wear for your lover. Whatever it is you need your cuck to accomplish for you.

It will free up your mind, and your time for the pursuit of pleasure and keeping your cuckold husband in his place.

Do not allow your cuckold husband to perform his duties poorly or in a less-than-timely fashion. Use your cuckold husband’s desires, and fears to move him away from weaponized helplessness behavior and move him to proper submissive behavior.

Examples: Was cuckolding his idea? Tell him you won’t pursue another cock until he becomes proficient in his tasks. After all, you are only human you can’t expect feeling sexy if burdened by these tasks. Not to mention,  isn’t that your place cuck boy? To please me, however, I want? Give me time and space to focus on my lover, stress-free.

A Mistress or hot wife knows your cuck will come around quickly. Your cuckold wants you to have that hot cock, probably more than you!

Hot Wife Tips On Cuckold Play

Humiliation is part of a cuckold’s life.  The simple fact your wife is being pleased by another is humiliating. The hot wife has full control regarding their cuckold,  If you want the humiliation to increase because his behavior delights you when he’s deeply submissive? Go gradually, slowly or quickly as the energy allows.  Start with verbal humiliation and allow nature to take its course.  It’s inevitable, a cuckold needs an increase in humiliation over time. 
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Perhaps your cuckold loves and hates hearing you with him. Allow the cuckold’s desires to drive him and you guide him to the depths of humiliation you desire.

Some cuckold wives send dick pics of their lover’s cock to their husbands. While she is with him.  What a mind-fuck when she makes sure her left hand is wrapped around him.

While the cuckold is left stinging in emotional pain and with a rock-hard cock, the cuckold’s husband’s cock betrays him. On the other end of the continuum, you have the cuckold slut.

Cuckold Slut And Hot Wife Tips.

A cuckold slut offers fluffer Services for the hot couple. Other times the cuckold is coerced into the behavior. But this only occurs when your wife and lover agree to include you. Wow, imagine the wait for that decision.

With the consent of the hot wife’s lover, your cuckold husband can be your cuckold fluffer. Soon he’ll relish preparing your lover’s cock with his lips.  Sucking cock is one way a cuckold serves and becomes even more submissive. So many emotions for the cuckold during the initial period but be patient with him, it’s usually a phase and he’ll find his balance.

Feminization and turning your husband into a sissy cuckold is a popular form of humiliation, being coerced to be a sissy. The cuckold is wrapped around your little finger already. It will be easy to feminize him. But take note, some cuckolds like to be cuckolds because they have strong feminine energy. For this cuckold wearing panties is a reward and relished not at all humiliating. The upside is, either way, you will have your cuckold excited and loving your Dominance over… her.

Twenty-Four-Seven Hot Wife

The cuckolding lifestyle or fantasy reaches far from the bedroom. is the 24/7 hot wife!  There are many lovely ways for a cuckold’s wife to control her cuckold husband. It may start with the cuckold chore list but the cuckolding lifestyle can be expressed in other delicious ways, as well.

Develop rituals. Something you enjoy because it reaffirms your position or power in the relationship. Very submissive husbands meet their wives at the door at the end of a long day. He will take her bag, greet her cheerfully and always be present. Perhaps she sits in a comfortable chair and enjoys a glass of wine. Cuckold rubs her feet while they reconnect after a long day.

Imagine a similar occurrence and moving your ritual into the strict, perhaps even cruel realm. Coming home. Cuckold’s husband hurries to the door. He knows his place,  to be used as a doormat in the foyer. Laying horizontally across the floor,  Mistress cleans her soles on your back. You kiss her Goddess feet, removing her heels and appreciating each toe, with those lips.

Locking a cuckold up in chastity is a popular option for the cuckold wife to consider. It’s not unheard of that the hot wife’s lover requires the cuckold to be locked up, or at least when he’s drooling from the corner of the room.

Explore And Enjoy Your Cuckold Fantasies

Your final hot wife tips include you both as a couple. Regardless of what your cuckolding lifestyle looks like,  whether it’s with role play and fantasy or the real deal, make sure you check in with each other regularly. Have a free space where you both can speak freely with a welcoming energy.

Discuss what are you enjoying about your lifestyle or fantasies. Even what bothered you, or concerned you. Then listen to your cuckold husband, listen to your heart. There is a lot of trust and love in a cuckolding relationship as well. Sure, the majority of the world doesn’t or can’t understand your interest in this lifestyle, but luckily for them, they don’t have to.

Your cuckolding journey will take many twists and turns. Be willing to bend to those changes so perhaps you won’t break from them. If you need some friendly advice or support with your cuckolding lifestyle, our Cuckolding Mistresses would love to connect with you and help you with your challenges.

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