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Sensual Phone Sex:
Roleplaying With My Husband


My husband and I have a wonderful marriage. We have plenty of money, a great home, and fantastic jobs. We work hard, but we also love to play hard, too… so to speak. We’ve done a variety of sexual antics to keep our marriage spicy and unique. From cuckolding and chastity to having a complete BDSM dungeon in our home, we are open to a plethora of different ways to keep our love life filled with adventure. One of our favorite ways to play is having sensual phone sex.

That’s why when we were invited to our friends’ Sexual Role Play party, we jumped at the chance.

My carriage pulls up to the residence of my friends at 7PM sharp. They are hosting this party and have asked that all the guests arrive in a timely manner. I’m still amazed that women in earlier times wore such cumbersome clothing. This is a beautiful dress, no doubt, but I can barely breathe and I keep tripping on it. As great as it may look on me, I know I’m going to be longing for my jeans, t-shirt and sneakers by the end of the night. I stand and try desperately to exit the carriage with the grace of my ancestors. After a close call, I managed to get both my slippered feet on the ground. I am thrilled by my achievement. I’m a small woman with a nice body. The only thing big about me is my breasts which are falling out of the top of this torture device as I speak. I have no idea how heavier women ever maneuvered in these clothes.


Costumes Make Things Fresh


Inside the house, other people have begun to arrive. Costumes from different times and eras are all around the room. Toga-clad waiters line the walls with trays of Champaign and wine. I grab a glass and look around for familiar faces. I see the hostess dressed as Marie Antoinette and go to her. We chat for a moment while other people continue to arrive. A recording of music played on a harpsichord is piped through the discreetly hidden speakers. It is a well done scene.

I see my husband come through the door. He is dressed in Elizabethan-style, complete with black velvet and silver and black silk stockings. The stockings look quite good on him, considering all the cussing and struggling he did to get into them. We decided to arrive separately so we could “meet” each other by chance and hide in a dark corner or closet somewhere and have sex.

This party is for that. Either couples like my husband and me or for strangers to meet under unusual circumstances and hook up. My hubby and I just want to spice up our relationship, not open it up to other people. That may come later, but is not part of the plan right now. For now, it’s all about a little sexual role play together.


Meeting Him Like A Stranger


I meet my husband’s eyes and give him a sultry look, which is very unbecoming for the time I’m dressed for. Before he can walk over and say anything, a bell in rung and dinner is served.

We are served a rich five-course meal on a dining room tabletop held up not by traditional table legs, but by four of the host’s well-trained submissive slaves as human furniture. My husband sat beside me. We introduced ourselves by the names we had picked out before leaving home. He told me all about his life as a gentlemen and a doctor and I told him of my broken engagement to a “scoundrel.”

I made sure that he got a good look at my breasts in the low cut dress. I had my hand on his cock throughout the entire meal. I loved the fact that his face never changed from the smile even though he was hard as a rock. He really should have been an actor. This was going to be fun!


After Dinner Antics


After dinner, all of us retired to the “parlor,” aka living room. After a few drinks, my husband and I excused ourselves. Everyone smiled as we exited the room. They knew what we were going to do. We had been in this house many times and knew it well.

We settled on one of the tiny bedrooms on the second floor. As I kissed him and pulled at his clothes in anticipation, I told him that I wasn’t “that kind of girl.” He didn’t give me a chance to speak again for a while. He pushed me down gently in front of him and finally managed to get his cock free of his clothes after many breathless curses. I giggled softly and then we began a gentle game of tease and delay. He knew he would eventually orgasm, but I wanted to drag it out. In the end, I took care of him alright… I gave him a blowjob he would never forget. Victorian times, be damned!


Sexual Role Play During Phone Sex


My husband and I love to role play. This is just one scenario we’ve played out over the years. We’ve done others, too.

When we are apart for business, we will have phone sex. We keep that spicy with role playing as well. 

We’ve been fairytale characters and people from novels as well as people from other walks of life. It gives us both a chance to be someone else for a while and not always having to dress for it in real life. We call it cheating without cheating. I’ve gotten to have sex with a man from the court of Elizabeth I and he’s gotten to sleep with a good girl gone bad from 1861.

Both the real life adventures and the sensual phone sex keeps our marriage alive and fun.


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