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Top 5 Cuckolding Fantasies

Cuckolding fantasies and sessions about them are very popular. We speak with lifestyle cuckolds and those who fantasize about being in a cuckolding relationship.  Cuckolding is a heady emotional and physical experience. It can challenge a couple’s bond. Because of these challenging elements many males, if interested in cuckolding, never divulge their desires.  In our experience, there are more men who fantasize about being a cuckold than there are men who live the lifestyle. Many, find a balance by exploring their cuckold desires through fantasy.

In this article, we will explore the top 5 cuckolding fantasies we hear from those who explore their cuckolding fantasies with us.

Cuckolding Fantasies Surprise!


Cuckold fantasies surprise cuckold when you come home early and find your wife in another mans arms 18+ 1-800-505-1678

When she finds a lover

Surprise cuckolding fantasy has one or more elements of surprise.  A fun fantasy is when the husband wakes up and “smells the coffee”.  It has slowly dawned on him that something is changing or has changed with his wife. Sometimes, it’s a new perfume. Taking extra classes at the gym. The usual text during lunch is hurried or nonexistent.  Of course, there could be a dozen reasons why the change, and not one of them is that she is cheating on you. But it could mean that, and you focus on these thoughts. That she’s cheating, what do you do? Why is your dick hard?

There’s a surprise in store. Either by the husband’s sleuthing or perhaps confronting his bride about his suspicions. Maybe wifey is onto you with your odd questions with your sudden interest in her whereabouts when for a very long time you wouldn’t even notice.

You come home, and the energy in the air is different, no one seems to be around. Making your way to your bedroom and BAM!  You feel a punch in the gut, and your head spins.  “Surprise, darling! Met Rod and I do mean Rod! She giggles. A jolt runs the length of your torso and your cock springs to life; his hands are on her curves as he smirks up at you.  “Shake his hand darling, this is his pussy now. “

Sissy Cuckold

The feminized husband is either strictly for play, going about the rest of their days as the male presenting husband, or sometimes the feminized cuckold husband is feminized as much as possible when in private,  not just for sissy cuckold play.

With some sissy cuckold husbands, the sissy is locked in chastity and orgasms closely regulated. Wife has promised to train sissy to cum like a girl, all locked up and sissy being penetrated with Mistress Wife’s girl cock.  What a mind fuck, for a sissy cuckold. If she thought real hard she might remember a time, when she just stroked and shot her load whenever. Then it was locked up, short duration at first, then the releases became a bit more infrequent.

Time went on, and sissy’s so well trained and molded, she appreciates any release now. The mind fuck so deep, the sissy is actually happy it is the only way she orgasms now.

Sissy loves her life and gets giddy when she knows Master is coming. Cuckold sissy always dresses sexy for his wife’s lover to help entice him. Sissy has the best sissygasms from Master’s cock.

Fuck Toy Cuckold

The fuck toy cuckold is, for all intents and purposes, a flesh and blood sexual aid. When was the last time you asked your dildo if it had fun? Did it cum? No, of course, you haven’t. Cuckold loves being used by his owners, as cuck feels very submissive to his hot wife and her lover. That’s not to say the cuckold isn’t taken care of, he is. The first rule of thumb with any toy is to take good care of it. It will bring you years of pleasure.

Does the cuckold get to cum? Certainly, they do. Often it’s up to Mistress how and how often, the horny cuckold is allowed to release.  The cuck is trained to be a cuckold fluffer and fluff cock for his hot wife. Another favorite is the cream pie duties, with cock cleanup included., then he is granted a release.

Sometimes the cuck is instructed to go into the bathroom and “take care of himself”, after his services were rendered. If the cuckold is very lucky he will be told to masturbate for the hot couple,  as the evening’s entertainment.  Ramp up the humiliation and make him masturbate in the room but ignore him.

Service Cuckolding Fantasies


Cuckold fantasies service submissive , when you love to serve a power couple 18+ 1-800-505-1678

service cuckold

Service cuckold fantasies focus on the cuck having his own room, and duties that center around household chores, and household responsibilities. These activities focus on his submissive service.  Your sex life is not commonly addressed. Your wife has had a few lovers over the years, none who live with you. You are always cordial with them if your paths should cross.

Some service cuckolds are also sissy cuckold housewives. cleaning and keeping house. Taking care of shopping, doing manicures and pedicures. Whatever menial task needs to be done your feminized service cuckold will happily provide.

There is a grand friendship and love. The cuckold couple is often very supportive of each other. Knowing their idea of a marriage isn’t something many can wrap their heads around. However, this suits everyone perfectly.

Power Couple And Cuckold Fantasies

Similar to the service cuckold, where the cuck lives in a spare room. The change is when the power couple lives as a couple in the cuckold’s home. The couple dominates the submissive cuckold, and he loves to provide and serve.

The cuckold sometimes is excluded from knowing the details of his wife’s relationship with her lover. He sees them leave the house, where they go he can only guess. He’s just there to provide a house, cars, and some spending money.

He finds this type of active neglect erotic and stimulating. The humiliation of his existence gives rise to his erotic masturbation fodder. Alone jerking dreaming of what’s going on, loser husband, and as soon as that thought zips through your brain your cock throbs.

Other fantasies have a similar dynamic, the cuckold is to serve and provide. The power couple is more dominant but includes sex and friendship between the thrupple.

What’s Your Cuckold Fantasy

That’s right, your cuckold fantasy will round out our top five cuckold fantasies. We know your cuckold fantasy is probably off the charts and smoking hot! Don’t look so shocked. We know you didn’t read this way down the article because cuckolding fantasies turn you off.

How do your cuckold fantasies line up with the ones above? Do you identify with any of the elements if not the entire fantasy?

Many men who have cuckold fantasies want them to come true. While other men know their cuckold fantasy is best left in fantasy. We understand you cuckold and know you probably have a twist on one of the cuckold fantasies above, that we have never heard of?

Our experienced Cuckold Mistresses would love to talk about or role-play your cuckold fantasy.

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