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What’s Your Cuckold Type [Cuckold Quizzes]

Do you know your cuckold type?  These cuckold quizzes are for those of you who are cuckold or have cuckold fantasies. It’s a fun and informative quiz that will help you understand your cuckold desires. And how this can be a great interactive way to explore some cuckold desires with your Mistress. Careful of your explorations tho. They just might lead to a better understanding of your cuckold desires.
So what type of cuckold are you?  Although each cuckold relationship is unique to those involved, there are some general categories most cuckolds fall into. Sometimes you’ll have a super cuckold, that holds qualities of two or more types.
We can differentiate the type of cuckold based on the cuckold’s duties and desires. I use the term cuckold desires, loosely. Often it’s the hot wife’s desire for a particular behavior. Many a submissive cuckold would attest: her desires are my desires, her wish is my command. Delicious, isn’t it?

Cuckolding 101

Since the subject of cuckolding is so vast, it’s easier to break down cuckolds through their types. Although all types have a commonality: Their wife is having sexual relations with another man. It’s helpful when talking about cuckolding to are cuckolds there are certain qualities of each subset to appreciate.  So this quiz is broken down into various cuckold quality groupings.  After you take the quiz you’ll learn more about yourself, your desires, or in many cases what your hot wife made you into!
Try to be honest about your desires to get the most accurate results.  No one will know your score or how you answered. But you will. So don’t cheat yourself by pretending some of these aspects don’t turn you on, you’ll skew the results! We love our cuckolds!

Sissy Cuckold


Cuckolding types take these cuckolding quizzes, cuckold quiz 18+ 800-505-1678True Or False

1- My penis is smaller than average.
2- My penis belongs in panties.
3- My penis shouldn’t even be called a penis, it’s so small it should be a clit.
4- Panties and bras are part of my cuckold uniform.
5- I am sometimes envious, yet hunger to have my wife’s sexy feminine body.
6- I am not a real man.
7-  I do not deserve her pussy, it’s his pussy now.
If you answered true for 2 or more of these questions you your cuckold type is sissy husband cuckold. Sissy cuckolds are feminized, sometimes by their own design. But often at the direction of the hot wife or sometimes her stud lover requires a feminine cuckold. After all, it arouses him to dominate you, pansy. Not to mention, there is only one man in this dynamic and it’s him.  The question is, does he dominate your wife too? Or are they the alpha couple and your submissive sissy cuckold who now has a new interest in sucking cock? See below for more on that!

Submissive Cuckold Type


True Or False

1- I exist to make my wife’s life easier.
2- I am happy to serve in any capacity.
3- My knees get weak thinking of my wife’s dominance over me.
4- It’s too stressful to be in charge.
5- Women are the superior gender.
6- I love to obey.
7- My body and mind belong to her, it was made for her pleasure.
If you answered true to 3 or more questions you are a submissive cuckold. Sometimes these cuckolds are invited into their hotwife’s bed when her lover is there, sometimes he never even meets the bull. It’s not the cuckold’s choice. A submissive cuckold’s mind firmly believes there are beta males and alpha males. He also feels that women are the superior gender and they deserve an alpha male if she so desires.

Secret Gay Cock Sucker Quiz


True Or False

1- My wife is sexy, but I suffer from ED with her.
2- I think I’m bi-sexual.
3- I debate with myself all the time about coming out.
4- I fantasize about what my life would look like if I came out.
5- I never have ED when I watch gay porn and masturbate.
6- I need cock, I crave cock.
7- I love my wife, it’s a win-win if she cuckolds you.
If you answered true to 3 or more you are a secret gay cock sucker. You are in a heterosexual presenting relationship. Perhaps the most challenging of all cuckold types, the cuck wanna-be.  You may or may not have known about your attraction to cock  early on. It’s easier sometimes to suppress your bi-curious desires and go with the flow and follow the message your social circle sent your way. Now, all these years later. That message doesn’t fit you. You’re missing out on cock sucking. You love your wife, that’s not what this is about. She hasn’t a clue of your hidden desires, and you know they won’t stay hidden forever. You are sometimes fixated on your wife cuckolding you and bringing him home.

Is Your Cuckold Type Slut?


True Or False

1- I have cock curious desires or have sucked cock
2- I’d rather be told what to do.
3- I often want to be used and defiled.
4- I’ve sucked cock/ a lot of cock surreptitiously.
5- I love helping to give anyone an orgasm. I love to give pleasure.
6- My libido is insatiable.
7- Fan of tease and delay/denial
If you answered true to 4 or more questions you are a slut cuckold. Open-minded, you love the sting of humiliation as your wife’s hot lover’s big cock, is held in her left hand. Sexy, isn’t it honey? She purrs as she presses herself into him. You flush but your cock is raring to go. Some submissive cuckold sluts are eager for anything. Ass worship, rimming, call in the cuckold slut. Cream pie, fluffing? The humiliation and arousal are intoxicating for a cuckold slut. That’s why some lean into delay and denial. High on their own ramped-up arousal hormones, this is the headspace slut loves best.

Cuckold Exploration And Training

Everyone needs a good cuckold Mistress at times. Take these quiz results and discuss them with her.  From erotic confessions and hearing your cuckold fantasies. Or hear about your cuckold experience.  Roleplay and even cuckold training to ensure you can serve them properly when called upon are both available. Reach out to one of our experienced Cuckold Mistresses to see how we can help with your cuckold journey.

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