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Cuckolds, come on into our site, where you can explore your cuckold phone sex and erotic cuckold humiliation fantasies through the safe venue of the telephone with cuckold phone sex.

Do you get turned on by cuckolding, but your partner has no desire to cuckold you? The Cuckold Fantasy is a good essay to read if you want to explore your cuckold fantasies, but your partner does not share your interest in cuckolding.

The Cuckold Life—The Story of a
Cuckold Husband and his Cuckoldress

Ever Wondered What it Would be Like to be a Cuckold Bull?

Listen to Sir Mathew discuss his role as a cuckold bull with Ms. Violet and Ms. Jane on a recent episode of The Voyuer Window TalkShoe show.


The Accidental Cuckold

Sometimes a man does not set out to be a Cuckold Husband, but he discovers one day that he is one...and he likes it! Read this essay on the subject of Accidental Cuckolds, by Ms Taylor.


What's the proper cuckold etiquette?

Congratulations! You're now a cuckold. But what's the proper etiquette? Might be a good idea to read this essay on the subject of Cuckold Etiquette, by Ms Andi.


How Do I Tell My Wife I Want To Be a Cuckold?

One of the challenges faced by men who are into cuckolding is sharing this interest with their wife or partner. Often, the husband is much more enthusiastic about cuckolding than the wife. There are ways to share your cuckold fantasies that will enhance your sexual relationship. In this cuckolding essay from Mistress Courtney, the author shares some tips for opening up the door to discussing cuckold fantasies in your relationship.

Though there are no absolutes in any sexual interest, it is quite often the case that a cuckold has a small penis, and the men who are providing sexual pleasure to the slutwives have huge cocks. In this cuckold article Ms Tanya takes a look at huge cocks, small penis and cuckolding.

Cuckold Mistress Tanya takes a look at Slut Wives in this article, which explores how an average woman may be transformed into a slut wife - with or without the encouragement of her cuckold husband.

Why does the cuckold get turned on when his slut wife is pleasured by another man? Read this piece on what turns the cuckold on, and why? by Ms Scarlett.

Most of the time, cuckolding and humiliation go hand in hand. But quite often, men are into cuckolding without humiliation. There are many reasons why a man may fantasize about seeing his wife with another man, or hearing his wife tell him the juicy details of her experiences with other men. Not all of these situations involve or center around humiliation. In this story by Ms Dusty, the many motives for cuckold fantasies are explored.


In Cuckolding, What is a Bull? What's a Slut Wife?

There are many terms used when discussing cuckolding that may seen derrogatory or offensive, such as "slut wife" or "bull stud". Keep in mind, however, that everyone is entitled to be aroused by whatever they want. There is a large group of people who are turned on by the fantasy and reality of cuckolding. For some, the focus is on the humiliation of the cuckold husband. For others, the focus is on the pleasure of the woman doing the cuckolding. To find out about some roles in the world of the cuckold, read this essay by Ms Bailey: The Role of the Bull in the Cuckold Relationship.

If you're aroused by cuckold fantasies but find yourself getting jealous if you've actually started exploring cuckolding in reality, read Ms Cecilia's Essay on Cuckolds and Jealousy. Jealousy is a natural reaction for cuckolds, and can even add to their arousal.

You may be fantasizing about cuckold fantasies, maybe involving your wife being a slut with another man who is much more well endowed than you are. Maybe you fantasize that you're a wimpy cuckold who needs small cock humiliation, and that you need another man to satisfy your ravenous slut wife. Having cuckold fantasies and interracial cuckold fantasies is very common: if you're attracted to your wife or girlfriend and you care about her pleasure, then of course you're going to want to see her satisfied to the maximum, right? And sometimes, you may realize that you are not man enough to please her. Being a cuckold is really a gift to your wife, girlfriend or Mistress - she should be able to be satisfied by any man she chooses.

Who are you, little cuckold, to tell her that she should limit herself to only one source of pleasure! Any woman worth having is worth treating like a queen, and you, cuckold, should treat your wife or girlfriend in this manner. Be proud of being a cuckold! You know that it is your true place, your true calling. And you can have fun with it too, of course. Imagine how aroused you'd be, knowing that your wife or girlfriend is out getting immense satisfaction from a real man. Imagine you're at home, waiting in bed like a good little cuckold. Imagine that your phone rings, you answer it, and you hear your wife moaning and screaming in pleasure, getting the pleasure she deserves, from some other man. To a cuckold, this is extremely arousing.

If you are aroused by this idea, you are probably a cuckold at heart, too. Call us and explore your own cuckold fantasies with cuckold femdom phone sex.


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