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Slut Wives, Hotwives and Cuckolds

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Most men would be extremely angry or offended if people called their wives a slut wife or hot wife. However, in the cuckold community, this can be a very good thing.

In order to understand what a slut wife is, it is imperative to first understand the basics of cuckolding. A cuckold is defined as "a man with an unfaithful wife." He may or may not know that she is being unfaithful. However, for this article it will be assumed the cuckold does know, and even encourages that she be unfaithful. He may even watch and sometimes will even participate in the action by orally pleasuring her and/or her stud. His wife is called a slut wife, or a hot wife. Some believe calling her a slut wife is very derogatory and should not be done, but it is all about the context of how it is used and I feel it is perfectly acceptable for this article. There is another piece of the puzzle that has been left out: the other man. He is usually much younger and better in bed that the cuckold and takes on the term bull, stud or alpha male.

Slut Wife: Who Is She?

A slut wife can be anyone from the school principal, next door neighbor, even you! She may have an insatiable appetite for sex, or be sexually dissatisfied from her cuckold husband. A slut wife can, in reality, be anyone with a willing-to-be-cuckolded husband.

Slut Wife: I Love Big Black Cock

Many hot wives enjoy being with a young, well-hung, black stud. For a middle-aged, white hot wife the aspect of an interracial relationship may be quite taboo and very sexy. She enjoys how well this black stud can satisfy her and take complete control over. Her cuckold husband also gets very turned on by watching her being taken by a black man who is much more endowed than himself. There are many cuckold parties that involved middle-aged white couples and successful single black men who are there to meet the hot wives and have sex with them while the husbands sit and watch, or perhaps fluff and clean up cream pies.

Slut Wife: The MILF (Mother I'd Like to Fuck)

Many slut wives may be approaching middle age and just may not feel as sexy as they used to. By having sex with younger men she may begin to feel as if she is regaining her sex appeal by turning into a hot MILF that all of the younger guys want to get a chance with.

Slut Wife: He Doesn't Satisfy Me

Let's face it, many wives are very sexually unsatisfied in their marriages. A hot wife is able to regain her sexuality, as well as sexual satisfaction by turning her husband into a cuckold. A hot wife may have her cuckold prepare her before sex by licking her pussy until it is nice and wet. After sex he may have to clean her up until she cums in his mouth. During sex her stud may bring her to multiple orgasms. Learning this, it is easy to see how a hot wife can start to become sexually satisfied very easily.

Slut Wife: I Want To Please Him

Many hot wives are not the ones that ask their husbands if they can sleep with other men; it is the other way around! Often times, a man has to beg is wife to cuckold him for whatever reason. The hot wife may not want to go with this idea at first because she is afraid that it could ruin her marriage, her husband will actually get mad at her if she agrees or she will not be able to find a hot young stud that would want such an older woman. The cuckold will have to coax, beg and plead, possibly for years, before this hot wife may agree to such an arrangement. She may agree only to please her husband and get him to stop begging her all of the time about it. At first she may be apprehensive that her husband is actually going to get upset once she starts showing an interest in other men. For this type of slut wife it may take awhile before the actual intercourse happens. Usually, however, once it does happen she is very pleased with the situation and is in it for the long haul.

Slut Wife: Uncategorized

Not all slut wives fall into the above categories and there can be many reasons why a woman may choose to cuckold her husband. Perhaps she is doing so in order to humiliate her cuckold husband for cheating on her in the past or just not treating her the way she should be treated. Maybe she just wants to add a little fun and excitement to her sex life and this is how she chooses to do so. There can be a multitude of reasons that a woman decides she wants to have sex with other men and let her husband know that she is doing so.

Slut Wife: Should He Watch or Help?

Most hot wives may choose to have their husbands watch while they are having sex with other men. Others may want to do so in their own privacy and then, perhaps, tell their husbands about what happened later. A hot wife who decides to have her husband watch while she has sex with another man will also have to decide whether or not she wants her husband to participate in the act as well. Ways that he is able to participate include helping to get her dressed and ready for the night, and helping her get undressed for the act. After he gets her undressed he may be forced to get her prepared for intercourse by licking her pussy to get it nice and wet and hot for the bull. He can also participate by helping to hold her legs in different positions and helping to put the dick into her pussy. After the bull cums inside of the hot wife, the husband may also be forced to lick that out, which is called the cream pie. Some husbands are also forced to become fluffers, which involves getting the bull ready for sex by getting him aroused orally. A hot wife who decides not to have her husband watch and participate may come home with herself filled with the cream pie, waiting for her husband to clean it out once she returns home from her night out.

Slut Wife: Should I?

It is a very personal and large decision whether or not to pursue a lifestyle of cuckoldry. Both the husband and the wife need to be comfortable with the situation and be able to be very open about their feelings. It is a lifestyle that has the ability to be very fun and exciting. Good luck!

by Mistress Bailey of Cuckold Fantasies

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