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Sometimes we have something so beautiful, we want to "share" it. We want others to savor the goodness we have found so they have a chance of knowing just how lucky we are.

This is particularly true when a man has a wife or girlfriend whom they cherish greatly. The thought of another man, sometimes another woman, being able to have every inch of their wife or girlfriend as they have (sometimes in more ways than before) can be very pleasurable.

Some women can appreciate the desire of a man wanting to share her with another person. In fact, they becoming willing participants and gain a new appreciation for themselves. Recognizing their own beauty and sexiness motivates them to want to be treasured and pleased by a person other than their current lover. This usually launches a mutual "cuckold" relationship.

While the idea of a woman willingly participating in a cuckold relationship is enough to send any man over the edge, sometimes it does not work out that way. Some women don't want to be shared with others and can not see the potential pleasures of a cuckold relationship. The thought alone turns them away and they become incapable of considering the idea of a possible cuckold relationship.

When She Doesn't Want to Cuckold You

Unfortunately their lack of interest is not enough to replace a man's desire to see his wife or girlfriend in a cuckold situation. Men sometimes resort to pornography as a source of "relief" for their cuckold desires. And while watching porn has some benefits, it doesn't necessary quench the lust for an actual cuckold relationship. Being able to talk about cuckold fantasies can.

Think about it, if you have a great idea but no one to share it with, you will have to pursue your idea alone and that's not always fun. The same is true with cuckold fantasies. Men who have cuckold fantasies can easily keep their fantasies to themselves and attempt to discover the sure pleasure associated with cuckolding by themselves but this only complicates things. Cuckolding means your wife or girlfriend engages in sexual activities with another man. If a man has never actually seen his wife or girlfriend with another person, or even discussed what might happen for that matter, then they are incapable of experiencing the true potential pleasures of cuckolding.

This is the reason that cuckold fantasies are meant to be shared with someone who understands those potential pleasures. Just because a wife or girlfriend is unable to even think about them does not mean that there are not women who would love to!

Women understand that there are details that are left out when men fantasize alone about being a cuckold. These details are usually explored during an actual cuckold experience and can not be overlooked. Without them, the fantasy will not "feel" as real as it could be.

Men never really know what women are capable of until they witness it for themselves. When a man shares his cuckold fantasies with a woman who enjoys them as much as he does, the fantasy seems to come to life. Instead of only being able to imagine, a woman can tell you exactly how it would be. Hearing a woman tell you step by step what she would do in a cuckold experience eliminates the "wonder' produced when fantasizing. When people fantasize they can only assume how something will turn out. If they never have a chance to experience it for themselves, then they will never know if what they assumed is accurate. That's why they need to talk about it.

Exploring the Cuckold Fanstay

If someone's wife or girlfriend is not interested in a cuckold relationship, does that mean they should never talk about it? Of course not. Just because they do not understand does not destroy the excitement of cuckold fantasies. That simply means they are not the right woman to discuss your cuckold fantasies with.

But never fear, there is a woman who would not only enjoy listening to a mans cuckold fantasy, but would actually love to make them more personal. Take me, for example...

by Mistress Tanya

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