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So you've found yourself down the dark rabbit hole of cuckoldry. Welcome to the kinky conundrum that is your life! You get so jealous when you see those bigger cocks, don't you? You wish soooo badly you could please your woman, but you got the short end of the gene pool that cursed you with a little dick. Or maybe you are a bi submissive bottom who needs a woman there to make it ok for you to take it on the chin. Either way I win, because you're My bitch. As My cuck you'll be expected to hand your tiny dicklet and balls over to Me. That means your orgasms are Mine. You'll be expected to help Me get ready for My dates and accompany Me when I get My hair and nails done because you'll be the lucky cucky that takes care of that for Me. If you're super lucky, you'll be able to watch Goddess get the cock she deserves and participate in Her orgasm that your puny little prick could never provide. I expect My cuckolds to be courteous, well behaved, and eagerly awaiting to serve Me in whatever capacity I see fit. You may be required to be a fluffer and cream pie clean up cuckold at the end of a fuck session with My bull. I know that both the jealousy and eroticism of seeing Me with the other man is so incredibly intoxicating to you that you can barely help yourself. Let's see if you have what it takes to be My good, obedient cuckold....





















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