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A Collection of Cuckold Erotica

Welcome to our collection of Cuckold Erotica, the finest writing and musing on all things cuckold anywhere on the internet. Interested in learning more about what it means to be a cuckold? Keep reading!

How are you dealing with your cuckold emotions? One big challenge a cuckold faces is how to deal with the emotional component of being a cuckold.

I met my husband John in college, and we have been married for quite some time now; long enough, in fact, that we have grown and developed our relationship into a true Mistress and femdom’s cuckold relationship. Read A Femdom’s Cuckold Husband for a peek inside a cuckold relationship. 

My husband is a cock sucking cuckold. How did he get this way you may ask? Well, let me tell you. My husband is rich. He has been rich since before I met him five years ago. We dated for a while and then I realized that he was a weak loser. But I couldn’t stop dating him. He loved me and he was RICH! I married him eventually, even though I could barely touch him by that point. After the marriage, I endured my life with him for a few years, but finally I had to say enough was enough. Read Cock Sucking Cuckold for more!

There he stood in the middle of our bedroom, naked, bent over at the waist. I had intricately tied a thread to his thumbs and pulled them down taut to his big toes. I was pacing around him slowly and deliberately, my cane in my hand and bantering lightly about various things, much in the fashion I would do during any punishment session of my femdom slave. We had been living in a 24/7 femdom relationship for some years now, not to mention the very delicate cuckold relationship. Continue reading Femdom Cuckolding for hot discipline and submission erotica!

Whether you are an experienced cuckold, or it could be your first time to experience the cuckold lifestyle, chances are, you have experienced feelings of jealousy, or you fear you may have them. What do you do when those pesky feelings of jealousy rise up in you? Read Do cuckolds Get Jealous for tips on dealing with jealousy.

Once upon a time a hapless man confessed his deepest desires and then got everything he ever wanted. Imagine admitting that you’ve always wanted to be a cuckold, to have your wife fuck another man, and to have all your guided masturbation dreams come true! It happened to one man, and here is his story: Cuckold Gets Guided Masturbation Surprise.

Many hot wives put their cuckold in chastity. Many Mistresses here at the Empire have put cuckolds in chastity, as part of cuckold training. Are there benefits to having a cuckold in chastity?

Introducing and negotiating a cuckold lifestyle may take on many forms. Cheating on your spouse often leads to divorce. But as you will see cuckolding doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship, it can be just an evolution of your relationship. Read A Hotwife’s Introduction To Cuckolding for more.

These hot wife tips on cuckolding will fuel your cuckolding fantasies, or be hinted at in your cuckold lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some hot cuckolding elements and how you can include them in your cuckold journey or fantasies.

Cuckolding fantasies and sessions about them are very popular. We speak with lifestyle cuckolds and those who fantasize about being in a cuckolding relationship.  Cuckolding is a heady emotional and physical experience. The Top Five Cuckolding Fantasies might inspire your next cuckold experiment.

Are cuckolds gay? When we explore the cuckolding spectrum, our fantasies about cuckolding are enhanced with an honest view of who you are as a cuckold  So the question, are cuckolds gay is very common and for good reason. Many cuckolds or cuckold fantasies involve the cuckold being a fluffer, or they desire to be used as a human sex toy by their hot wife, and her bull lover.

Do you know your cuckold type?  These cuckold quizzes are for those of you who are cuckold or have cuckold fantasies. It’s a fun and informative cuckold quiz that will help you understand your cuckold desires.

Cuckolding fantasies and sessions about them are very popular. We speak with lifestyle cuckolds and those who fantasize about being in a cuckolding relationship. In this article, we will explore the top 5 cuckolding fantasies we hear from those who explore their cuckolding fantasies with us, through cuckold erotica.

The submissive cuckold might seem like a no-brainer, many think all cuckolds are submissive. Although that thought may garner a valid argument, we will see in this article something that will make you question that statement. Let’s take a look at submission and cuckolding.

What could be more humiliating than watching another man fuck your wife because you are not capable of pleasing her? Watching her be fucked by a woman, of course! Mistress explains lesbian cuckolding.

Ever wonder why you are being cuckolded? Often times there are multiple reasons, as the Cuckold Mistress discusses in Why are you a cuckold?

Are you a cuckold cocksucker? Ms. Constance discusses the types of cuckold cock suckers.

What type of cuckold are you? Ms. Delia discusses 5 Types of Cuckolds.

A cuckold derives sexual pleasure from knowing or watching his wife have sex with another man. Many times he is coerced into it by his dominant hot wife. To find out more, read cuckold erotica, and also What is a Cuckold?

I am what they call an “accidental cuckold.” I discovered that while I thought everything was fine in our relationship, my wife had been sleeping with other men. Unbeknownst to me, I was an accidental cuckold. Read Accidental Cuckold to learn exactly what that means.

My wife is having sex with other men behind my back. She thinks I don’t know about it, but I do and it turns me on. Does this mean I’m a cuckold? Read My Wife is Having Sex with Other Men to find the answer.

My wife makes me watch her while she has sex with her lover. She says I’m not capable to please her sexually and this is my punishment for being inadequate. Why does it turn me on so much, then? Read Why do I Get so Excited Watching My Wife with her Lover? and Why Do Cuckolds Get So Turned On? to find out why.

You’ve fantasized about your wife having sex with another man while you watch; about her making you lick her freshly-fucked-by-another-man sweet pussy while she tells you how worthless you are. You want so desperately for her to cuckold you but she just doesn’t seem to be into it. Read How Can I Get My Wife to Cuckold Me?

Your wife is telling you that it isn’t enough to clean her pussy when he finishes; now she wants you to clean him up too. Not only that, but she said you are going to be her little cuckold fluffer and get him nice and hard and ready for her.

Do you have a big dick and fantasize about being a cuckold bull? What if you are a cuckold bull? Does that mean you get to do whatever you want just because you have a big dick? Of course not! But what *is* expected of you- what should you do? This essay on cuckold etiquette will clear it all up for you.

You are now a cuckold concerned only with the happiness of your hot wife or slut girlfriend. But what, exactly, is expected of a cuckold in order to make her happy? Follow these cuckold rules of conduct and you will have a long lasting relationship with your hot wife or slut girlfriend.

Many Cuckoldresses know that it’s the humiliation that drives their husbands and boyfriends crazy. And she uses that desire and her experience to get what she really wants – lots of hot, hard, big, throbbing cocks and lots of sex. Continue reading verbal humiliation for you cuckold.

Curious about cuckolding and whether or not you are a cuckold? Ms. Christine gives you nine signs to help you determine if you are a cuckold in How do you know if you’re a cuckold?

You might as well face it; you’re a cuckold. And as long as you’re a cuckold, you might as well learn exactly what your duties are. Better read the Cuckold’s Guide to Pleasing Your Wife and Her Lover.

I’m not a bad guy. I’m decent-looking, successful, and well-liked. Yet my wife insists there is no chance I could ever please her sexually. Why does my wife want to make me her cuckold?

My wife is always flirting with all the guys and they all flirt right back. I love watching the way they look at her; watching her decide whether they measure up to her standards. My wife is what they call a “hot wife”. Read what is a hot wife to learn more.

Do you lavish your hot wife with the expensive gifts she deserves to try to make up for the fact that sexually you aren’t capable of giving her what she deserves? Perhaps you should read you’re the man who buys me things but he’s the man who makes me cum!

Blake is a cuckold. A coerced cuckold. Many have asked how this came to be, so Blake thought he’d tell his story, in the coerced cuckold. Cuckold erotica at it’s finest.

My wife is obsessed with big black cocks and she’s always talking about having sex with black men. I just don’t understand why my wife wants sex with a black man. I mean, what’s wrong with me?

Do you get just as thrilled at the thought of being fucked by a real man as watching her be pleasured by one? Do you secretly wish she’d make you wear panties and drop to your knees to worship his big cock? Perhaps then, you are a sissy cuckold.

You find yourself interested in watching another man pleasure your wife. You recently learned it was called cuckolding and you’ve been surfing the net to find out all you can about it. You keep seeing talk of snowballs and cream pies but aren’t 100% sure what they are. Read what is a cuckold cream pie and creampie for cuckolds to learn exactly what a cream pie is and how many variations there are.

What makes a woman cuckold her man, or a man want to be cuckolded? Is it punishment for having a small penis? Do all cuckolds have a small penis?

Is being able to use what you have more important than the size of what you have? Or does size really matter?

Do cuckolds always experience intense excitement when watching their wives with another man? Or do cuckolds experience jealousy, just like anybody else?

Ms. Simone explains how a woman can cheat on her husband and get away with it.

My husband and I have a wonderful marriage. We have plenty of money, a great home, and fantastic jobs. We work hard, but we also love to play hard, too… so to speak. We’ve done a variety of sexual antics to keep our marriage spicy and unique. Read the cuckold erotica about Sexual Role Play With My Husband.

You and your Cuckoldress are a team. She could be the kinkiest, dirtiest, sluttiest hot wife that has ever existed, but if you aren’t a top notch cuckold, then she’s not going to be getting all the cock she can, now is she? And, as a cuckold, isn’t this your number one priority, making sure your hot wife is pleased, happy and getting all the dick she can handle? Of course it is! So, let me give you some tips on how to become a popular cuckold.

Some women, especially wives, have been fed a lie that they are supposed to only have one sexual partner. This works for some wives, but what about those whose only sexual partner is not sexually satisfying? Read the cuckold erotica about slut wives who cuckold their husbands.

A woman will sometimes overlook what’s “real” for the sake of being happy as in many relationships. This does not mean that she does not notice when certain elements are missing from a relationship yet she can allow herself to see the “future possibilities”. Read more cuckold erotica in huge cocks and cuckolds.

You love being a cuckold, and you’ve been cuckolded by your Mistress for a while, so why not play a cuckold game?

Let’s take a look at some common misconceptions about cuckolding so that you can better communicate your needs. Read about the most common cuckold myths.

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