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You slide your key into the front door lock after a long day at work, but stop short when you hear moans of ecstasy and pleasure coming from the other side. Startled, you throw the door open, only to find me spread out on the mink blanket covering the floor, my wet pussy being pounded by an impressively massive cock. We hear you come in the room, but we can't be bothered to stop, as we are right in the middle of one of the most mind-numbing sex sessions we've had all day.

Your jaw drops and you are unable to speak. "Wait a minute," you think to yourself, "Isn't that Tony, the new guy I hired down at the shop last week? He called in sick today!" Yes, indeed it is Tony, but no, he hasn't been sick' he's been attending to my womanly needs since you left this morning. Tonight, he's the one in charge, not you. Don't lie to yourself, you know you haven't been able to give me an orgasm with that pitiful little prick of yours since the day we met. Of course, you do eat my pussy like an expert does, which is why I still keep you around. But that's not enough to fill the desires I have, and I need a good cock to fill my aching pussy.

You stand there in awe, watching as this muscular, handsome man grabs my hips and thrusts his massive, throbbing cock into my dripping pussy again and again, his huge balls bouncing hard against my ass, over and over. Your little dick stands at attention beneath your Dockers, but isn't even big enough to create a tent in them. Then, from the deepest parts of me, you hear me moaning as I begin to have the biggest and hardest orgasm I've ever had. Just knowing you are there to finally see me satisfied, heightens my pleasure as I watch you drop your pants and begin feverishly stroking that little member of yours, all the while your eyes are glued to that huge cock sliding in and out of me. As Tony begins to grunt and growl, his orgasm overtaking him as he shoots load after load of hot cum deep into my pussy, you can't hold back any longer, and you drop to your knees as you squirt out the few drops that are able to make it to the top of that little prick.

Embarrassed at your lack of manhood, you blush as Tony looks at your pathetic little member and grins. But your embarrassment soon turns to surprise as he takes charge and instructs you to come over and clean my dripping pussy with your tongue. You willingly crawl over to me and place yourself between my legs, enjoying your dessert while at the same time being humiliated by the thought that you are licking another man's cum from your wife's pussy. But the humiliation isn't over yet, when you are done cleaning me, it is now time for you to clean Tony. You are a bit nervous at first, his cock is huge and you are afraid you might choke on it, but soon you find yourself swallowing that massive cock, allowing yourself to gag on it freely, taking it deep down your throat, licking off every bit of salty cum.

When we have finished getting ourselves licked clean by you, we decide to retire to the bed, where Tony and I sleep for a few hours before starting our fuck session all over again. You are permitted to sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed, listening to us as we suck and fuck each other for hours in front of you. Your little weenie is sore from the pounding you've been giving it with your fingers, and your little acorn nuts are shriveled and dry.

As we all get dressed the next morning for work, you realize that things at the shop are not going to be the same now, and Tony confirms this for you when he whispers in your ear on his way out the door, "Don't bother bringing a lunch today, Boss' you'll be sucking my cock and swallowing instead!"