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Hey there, can I ask you a question?

How many times have you been out in the mall, maybe at the beach...and seen a hot young girl like me, and got that *twinge* in your groin?

That ache in your balls, that feeling that's so complex, humiliating and sexy at the same time?

I'm sure that happens to you all the time...and I bet it's happening to you right now, as you look at my adorable picture, as you think about how sweet and young and cute I'd sound teasing and taunting you on the phone...

And the reason this is so humiliating is...

You know a gorgeous, smart, wicked, young girl like me would never, ever think twice about you - you do know this, don't you, silly man?

You know that your days of picking up girls like me are long gone...if you ever had days like that at all...

And now all you can do is sit naked in front of your computer and look at photos of untouchable girls, girls who would never give you the time of day, girls who, if they did want anything to do with you, would only be interested in what you could do FOR them.

This is you, isn't it, perv?

I thought so. Give me a call and let's talk about this some more. Let's talk about why it gets you so hard to think about girls that you can never, ever, ever have - like me!