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I have a message for you, cuckie. Put your headphones on, click here and listen. Well, you don't really need headphones, do you. It's not like your woman would care, if she's even home right now. She has her own sex life to think about. In fact, if you're here at Cuckold Fantasies, your woman is probably beneath her lover right now, getting fucked and screaming with pleasure. Your woman with another man, a real man. Not with you. Mmmmmm!

I know you are excited. You're stroking your cock right now. That inferior cock, perhaps not even in size but, whatever your situation, the dick you're holding in your hand is not enough to keep your woman totally fulfilled. And that drives you crazy with desire.

So what do you fantasize about? Are you listening to them make love? Perhaps even watching, or participating? Are you a cock sucker, too? Or do you sit at home imagining them together, what he is doing to her, the primal sounds coming from them that you've never heard before.

Yes, sweet cuckold. I know all about your dreams, what turns you on. You can't tell anyone else, perhaps not even your woman. But I know ... and I want to indulge your fantasies with you. You see, I have a cuckold, all my own, for several years now. I'm living your dream and want to take you further with it than you ever thought possible.

I know what your woman wants. I know what you want. I understand your urges. Let's explore it all together.