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Humiliation takes many forms, my sweet. It can be blatant and cruel, tearing you down without mercy, making your world spin until all that's left is you, in a puddle, a big mess. Humiliation can also be subtle, and seductive, in the form of an erotic fantasy that weaves its way into your mind with twists and turns that linger with you, making you question and doubt yourself in so many ways for long after our call.

Sounds delicious, doesn't it? It is.

I love to humiliate in every way. In fact, I live to find your soft spots, the weakness beneath your strength. Yes, that's right, I live for it. To poke at your weaknesses, to tease and torment you. And, sometimes, to be so very cruel. I have to admit, that's my favorite part 🙂

There is a reason I am in such high demand here at Enchantrix Empire. Many callers have told me they have never felt so put down, so exposed, as they have with me. But in a safe, warm and sexy way. And, of course, with an explosive ending.

Doesn't it feel good that someone sees your vulnerability, knows your weak spots and is happy to exploit them? If we have not yet spoken, click here to listen to my special message for you and to hear my deceptively sweet voice. You won't believe such cruel and subtle zings could come from me. *Giggle* I am full of surprises.

Our call is not over when we hang up the phone. Your humiliation will stay with you, for longer than you expect. You'll see.