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Do you remember the first time you had sex? You pulled down your pants and the girl laughed and pointed. At that moment you learned just how inferior you are to a beautiful woman.

I actually like it when you cry. I am a Princess and should be worshipped accordingly, so get used to feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable. I will make you stop at every grocery store in your town and buy Me tampons and condoms. It's even better if you have to stop and ask for help. Take Me to the mall with you (I'll be on your cell phone), and buy a pair of panties and tell the salesperson it is for you. I want to hear the quiver and fear in your voice. Then you'll speak to a complete stranger and tell them you have a little cock.

After that, you will have Me on your cell phone and go to another city where no one knows you. I'll make you do the things you never thought you could do. I'll laugh at you because I know you are pathetic and could never please Me in real life.

You can only dream about Me, and that you shall do. You will please Me only by facing your pathetic fears. I intend on breaking down your barriers. You will be laughed at and mocked and that will please Me greatly. You will obsess over My mind, body and evil laughter.