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You were so sweet and knew how to treat me like the Goddess I am. And so, in the beginning, I overlooked your tiny, pencil penis. Not to mention your eunuch level sex drive. It's just not working for me anymore. I am a sexual woman who requires a great deal of satisfaction. Since you can't give that to me, I asked you to bring me someone who can.

Yum... you bring me a delicious, muscular stud you work with. You assure me he is very discreet. Before he arrived, you had set up a comfy chair in the corner of our bedroom for yourself. It's only fair for you to get some pleasure out of this, since you so thoughtfully brought me this bull to play with. You undress me lovingly... slowly... and turn me to face the stud. He is already naked, glistening in the candlelight and at full attention.

Per your request, I kneel on the bed giving you a good side view. He moves the tip of his huge erection up and down the crevice between my pussy and my ass, getting it lubed for action. Then he enters me from behind, slowly at first. You hear me gasp and then moan loudly. I know you are surprised I can make sounds like that. But honey, your tiny boy penis just didn't do it for me. This guy is filling me... maxing me out. He pumps me hard and fast, grabbing my long hair in his hand like reins.

' Eventually, he asks for a drink and you obligingly bring cold drinks for both of us, hand him a towel to wipe his brow, and go back to your chair. You breathily request him to fuck my ass. I smile because you know how that drives me wild. I lay face down on the bed, he kneels over my hips, pinning my wrists with his strong hands. He enters me, and I moan louder and begin to writhe on the bed.

When it's all over, you make yourself useful picking things up, washing our mutual love juices off of me and changing the sheets on the bed. I see the cum staining your pants and know you enjoyed it every bit as much as I did.

Who will you bring for me next? Let's talk fantasies....