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You are pretty pathetic aren't you? ?Yes Goddess Mandy, I am a completely pathetic useless loser and I don't even know why you allow me in your presence.? ?Yes, that's right?I see that you clearly know exactly what you are?a pathetic, useless loser of a man!?

And I bet you've known this for a long very long time, haven't you?! I'm guessing it all started back in junior high when that little pimple faced skinny four-eyed boy couldn't even get a girl to even say hi to him. He was such a pathetic little dork that all they would do is laugh at him and call him names. Some things just don't change do they!

Well, now you are my pathetic little dork?my little pathetic little loser?only here to please and amuse me, your Goddess. Well?at least I will let you TRY to please me. First of all, that tiny little worthless cock of yours needs to be tucked inside some very pretty panties. That is clearly the best thing to do with a cock that is THAT small! And I have a pretty little matching skirt and camisole picked out just for you. Look at you?. such a pathetic little slut! A real man would not be caught dead in this girlie little outfit would he?! But you are not a real man are you?!

Now we just need a bit of make up and you're ready?ready to be paraded around in front of ALL my girlfriends. You will do whatever we say, fetch us anything we wish, wait on us hand and foot, and be our little slut toy! Suzie commands you to kneel in front of her. She laughs as she lifts up your skirt to find your useless little cock has left a wet spot for all of us to see??Ooooh look everyone?I think that we excited his little thing!?