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Hello My little cuck! You get very excited thinking about all the hot hung men that are going to fuck Me, don't you?

Yes, they will get behind Me and fuck My beautiful hot wet pussy and you will sit there on the sidelines and watch it all.

Yes, just sit there like a good boy and watch Me get fucked. I know that you have learned your place. You know that your 5" cock just doesn't fill Me up like the other men, don't you? And I know that it would make you very sad if My pussy did not get the attention it so needs and deserves, right?

Yes, I need cock in all of My hot sexy holes, but unfortunately, yours will not suffice. I need a bigger more virile man who can go all night. But, just because that cock of yours leaves Me unfulfilled, don't think that you are worthless to Me. Trust Me, you are not!

While he is behind Me pounding away I will look over at you and smile and know that you too love every second. Seeing the sheer ecstasy on My face...hearing My primal moans of pleasure is enough to simply drive you over the edge... And knowing this wonderful fact makes My pussy throb even more!

I love you wanting what will never be yours. Such power and control I have over that little cock of yours. Oh yes, I love it so you watching another man's big fat cock going in and out of My tight wet pussy.

Yes, come over here onto the bed...I am going to give you an extra special treat tonight. But first, I want to hear you beg for My pussy. Yes My little cuck, tell Me just how badly you want My delicious cream pie!



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