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How sweet the sting of words strung together to create an erotic astute insult. It is like a verbal kick to the nut sack that you feel long after it's been spoken. Then an odd thing happens. Despite your best efforts you start to get hard and excited. I know it is embarrassing, isn't it? Who would've thought that a beautiful woman telling you that you're a loser would be so appealing, but it is, isn't it? Otherwise you wouldn't be here. I think the male brain sometimes sublimates pain and transmutes it into sexuality to make it more bearable. Then after awhile you want to hear her insults and need to hear them because they turn you on so much. The bluntness of a well-spoken verbal spanking is like a musical sonata to the ear of a submissive who needs to be put in his place.

Mistress can always sum you up well and see through all the insecurities you try so very hard to hide. My favorite type of humiliation is small penis humiliation. Nothing gives Me more of a giggle than a man that is lacking in the pants department especially if he suffers from a bit of what I call little man syndrome. Loud car with big tires, yeah, I know what you're compensating for *giggle*. Those truck nuts you have not make up for the fact that your penis is roughly the equivalent of a fun size snickers bars'..but unlike the snickers, your tiny penis doesn't end up in somebody's mouth, does it *giggle*? Maybe you have a humiliating secret you'd like to be teased about; I'm a Fem dom phenomenon and verbal ninja that will humiliate you into the ground and render you helpless with My words, can you handle it?