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You are simply inadequate. Too small, too thin, too weak. You know exactly why I wont fuck you, dont you? Can you even admit it to yourself, or do we need to dance around this issue a while longer? Longer, ha. That's the very issue (that and width. And stamina. And willpower.) Sit down, shut up and watch what a real Man can do.

Can you bear to watch? Or are you going to hide your eyes, whine and moan that this cannot be happening, live in a world of denial just a while longer. Soon you wont be able to deny what is going on right in front of you. I have been trying to make it more and more obvious, hoping you will get the hint. That teddy you got me for my birthday? He really liked it. Sorry about the ripped seams and torn strap - you will need to replace it soon. Hes coming over this weekend and staying the night.

You dont mind sleeping on the couch, do you? Oh, you prefer the foot of the bed? How about the floor beside the bed... since we wont exactly be using the bed for ~sleeping.~

You are inadequate. At least you are good with your tongue. If you ask nicely enough, maybe he will allow you to clean me out after he is done. Look at you, your little stiffy poking up, bobbing up and down while you watch me get what you simply cant give me. Sit in the corner like a good puppy; while you are there, take some notes on what Real Man is like.



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Here’s the breakdown:

One Mistress – $2.99 per minute

Two Mistresses – $4.59 per minute

Three Mistresses – $6.19 per minute

Four Mistresses – $7.79 per minute

Five Mistresses – $9.39 per minute