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There is a fine art to humiliation. I am sure you are aware of the artistry involved, my dear, otherwise you wouldnt be reading these words. You have searched and searched for just the right humiliatrix to degrade, demean and put you in your place. This urge you have, the need deep within to be forced to abase yourself before your superiors is one you have had for a long time. There is no greater joy or satisfaction to be gained than to be firmly and absolutely embarrassed.

How the shame floods your face, bringing that blush with it; the way your heart races and your breath speeds when in the presence of your own personal goddess (or is it demon?) I know where you belong. In a world gone mad with unpredictability and uncertainty, I know without a doubt what you are and what to do with you. You have a place, here at my feet. I treasure your blushes, your barely whispered confidences, your hushed confessions. Each of my precious pets has something different that brings that heady rush of shame. You can tell me anything. Confess to me your darkest secrets, your blackest shame.

If its pathetic enough, I will laugh at you, coddle your little ego into comfort and then shatter your sense of self worth with a well placed blow. Crawl to me, beg for my mercy, plead to the skies above that I would show you where you belong.