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You certainly did not marry me to be your "property". You married me because you knew I wouldn't be faithful.
You knew you needed a strong woman who could act out her own desires. No matter what you bought, did or said I still needed the biggest stud to bend me over and give it to me right, just the way I deserve. As you know, the sexual games I want play do not ever seem to have you in mind. But that does not bother you, as you just want to see your perfect princess pleased and cumming from someone that can actually handle me.
Yes, I smell like your bosses cock when you get home from work. Yes, I have my way with your brother anytime the family gets together, even during the holidays. And please don't get me started on those one night stands I bring home from my "girl's night out" just to make your loser-ass watch me be taken care of good and proper.
No, you didn't marry me to be the typical wife. You married me because I'm the hottest wife ever, and I will do whatever I want, whenever I want! To be honest what I want now is to get a cream pie from your best friend after I get slammed by his big hog. He's exactly who I was thinking of when I had you watch me get pleasured by my favorite toy (not you). When you asked me, I didn't say it at first, but we both knew who I wanted and deserved to be deep inside of me. If you can take seeing me get handled then call me and I might let you watch...