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I am Mistress Marlena, and you will quickly understand me as your invader of thoughts and purveyor of humiliation. My sharp words are accompanied by an even sharper mind that will ravage your mind and violate your esteem. My cutting brand of humiliating debasement and degradation will weaken your mind and debilitate your psyche.

Whether you ache for playful embarrassment or vicious humiliation, my sharp tongue will leave you feeling that deep, demeaning sting. My femdom humiliation spans the gamut from public mortification and cuckolding to small penis ridicule, panty sissy jeering, CFNM humiliation, and strap-on degradation. Whatever your deficiency, I will make you feel the kind of shame that penetrates your thoughts and leaves you empty, small, and defeated.

You might be worrying about what a pathetically insufficient loser like you has to offer me. You already know that incompetent, insubstantial wimps like you rarely experience the company of intelligent, desirable women just as myself. Luckily for you, despite your overwhelming inadequacies, peculiarities, and shortcomings, you entertain me. After all, what worth do you have outside of the amusement of your stern, cruel dominatrix?

If you are ready to be humiliated, I will mock, deride, and ridicule you in ways you will never forget. The psychological dimension of sexuality is paramount in my play, and I strive hard for the abasement of your pride. In turn, your mortification will reward me with your lowliness and submission. Consider your humiliation a sort of ritualistic hazing. If you can withstand the abuse of Mistress Marlena, perhaps you will become initiated into my good graces. But don't count on it.