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You wake up in the middle of the night, and her side of the bed is still empty. It's 2AM, and your wife isn't home. You know exactly where she is, and you know exactly what she's doing. Your inadequacy and uselessness drove her to it, and now another man is enjoying the lingerie that you paid for. It's not surprising that she had to find a real man. A woman can only fake her orgasms for so long.

That's the sad, humiliating life of a cuckold. There's a hierarchy to the male world, and you occupy a pathetic spot on the lowest rung on the ladder. Real men deserve to see your wife moaning and writhing in pleasure, and you deserve to be on clean up duty.

It's clear that you can't provide any pleasure, but you can provide other things: submission, service, worship. I know you want your wife to be satisfied, even if you can't do it yourself. You couldn't cut it as a man or a lover, so I'm going to teach you how to be the best cuckold you can be.

You'll learn to enjoy your place at the end of her bed as you watch her lover's thick, throbbing cock fill in her ways you never could. You'll learn to savor the taste of his mess as you tongue your wife's pussy after a deep, satisfying fuck. You need to learn your place, and I'll be the one to teach you.

You'll be spending a lot of lonely nights alone in bed now, so call me to find out what your wife is really doing.