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When a woman says, "I want a guy whose this or that," notice she never mentions, "And has a big cock."

It's because we don't want to come off as shallow. Truthfully, a guy hitting a home run in the bedroom department goes much farther than one who is good looking with, ummm a small surprise.


I know you're like why did she even marry me?! Or, why didn't she dump me if I can't satisfy her? Why this?

Well, THIS is much more feasible.

We have been together a while, and although you never really sexually satisfied me, I gave in because you were nice. Usually, men with your little issue, (no pun intended), have to be nice. There isn't much to offer. Of course you resort to offering the most oustanding fellatio a girl can get, but that's not enough. I want something long, hard, and girthy to fill my love tunnel.

I begin an affair with a coworker. Then a neighbor. OH, there was also that guy I ran into while having cocktails with the girls. You pace the floor until the wee hours of the morning, until you hear me saunter in the house like a sex goddess.

Lipstick smeared, hair in a messy bun, my thigh highs tucked away in my purse....

I'm satisfied but there is one string undone.

Having you clean me up.

You know the drill honey.....

You secretly wonder about their names, what they look like, if it's someone we know (you've been paranoid since the little stint with your boss), how huge they are...

Well, at least in the beginning.

But you definitely know what they taste like....

The wonderful part is that eventually you meet them all, and boy does it get fun then.