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Simple little tool....

Nothing about you excites me other than your soft cry of hope I will accept you. I laugh as you want so badly to become a prized possesion among my many play things, but you aren't worthy. Subpar, rejected since birth, and a mediocore particle resting at the bottom of the food chain.

You are disgusting.

How dare you think I would actually allow you to be amongst my friends unless you were the joke of the evening? Being on display, embarassed, yet your filthy worm is twitching at every deragatory purr. Your nose buried in the cresent of my toes, feeling the sweat build on your brow as I kindly remind you breathing is too much of a privelage.

Smirk, a life worm. Sliming your way through the halls of my hell. HAHAHAHAH I wonder how far this will go? How much more can you take?

I'm just getting started..........