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I'm curious to know how it all began. Did you push your wife to sleep with strange men for your entertainment? Or did she finally tire of pretending you have what it takes to fit her needs? What kind of cuck are you?

So which one is it? Did you turn your own wife into your personal porn star? Wanting so badly to see your once innocent wife corrupted by your lust, warping her into a cum slut for every man, that is every man but you. Or did you come home with your wife spread eagle on the dining room table with a stranger and found yourself full of excitement? The same excitement you get when you're tasting your wife's holy grail and notice a new distinctive taste?

Regardless of which it is it ends up the same way. Your wife looking the happiest she's ever been with her legs wrapped around another man. Her moans louder than they have ever been before. As you sit and watch from a distance, stroking yourself and watching that man's large and thick cock thrusting in and out is putting even dirtier thoughts into your head. Will you ever act on those thoughts? Will you be so brazen?

Let's really push the limits of your pleasure and total humiliation. Sure your wife can please one or two men at once but why stop there? We can see how much she can really do. Let's give her a whole room of men to fuck and please.