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Fuck. You. Pay. Me. That's really all you can do for me. I don't care about your feelings. As a matter of fact, FUCK YOUR FEELINGS! I'm only interested in money and dick! And sadly most of you weak motherfuckers can only provide one or the other..

It would truly be amazing if you sad sacks of wasted human DNA could pay bills and make a Woman cum! Like... you might not seem as worthless if you could do those things. I treat you the way that you know you deserve to be treated. You know that you're a sorry ass piece of shit, and you desperately need a Goddess like me, to see you for what you are!

You crave my disdain as much as you crave my attention. You're weak, inferior, basic and Women hate you. Nobody loves you... people tolerate you. Everything in your life is a big, fat, lie! You're a lonely, pitiful, dog and you often look in the mirror and cry, don't you? You hate your reflection because you know how fucking useless you are.

What great contribution have you made? I mean... you give Women money! So maybe you're not completely useless, but if you're not giving your money to Women on a daily basis... you're being a totally useless lump of flesh. You owe me your money because dealing with men like you is labor for me. Dealing with you in any way is a job and you should, therefore, pay me for blessing your lame ass with my presence. My presence is a present to you, fuck boy.