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I'm young, deliciously sexy, and spoiled, completely and utterly, spoiled. You knew even before you clicked into my page, that I'm the kind of girl that guys like you only dream of being with. But you clicked in anyway, because somewhere along the way, you realized how even the cruel taunts, and heartless teasing of girls like me, excited you. Yes, I know, and I'm sure I don't have to tell you how much that amuses me.

But, enough about you *smiles* I learned a long time ago, how easy it was to torment, and verbally neuter guys like you. I'm not above stepping on any man, to get what I want... least of all, a pathetic, weak, little fool, that practically begs to be used. If you are good for anything at all, I will find it, and exploit it. Oh, and don't assume I'm a one trick pony, either. There's an art to playing with guys like you, an art that very pretty girls, with tight, young, bodies like mine, learn very early on.

Cuckolds, tiny tools, girly boys, two hump chumps, and even those everyday losers who just can't seem to rise above the level of totally lame... be sure to bring a big box of tissues when you call. Trust me, one way or another, you're going to need them!

Please note: While I am exceptionally talented in many ways, psychic readings are not my strong suit. The more forthcoming and open you are with me about your interests and expectations, the more intense and fulfilling our sessions will be for both of us.