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You know already that I'm way out of your league. I deserve the very best but sadly, your best just isn't good enough. I know you long to be able to satisfy me, so I've decided, from now on, I will get my pleasure from real men, who have the stamina, masculinity, and equipment, to make me climax again and again. You, can watch ... perhaps take notes, *smirks*

I'm sure you will agree, that this arrangement is for the better. We might even find that you have "other" talents to contribute! Is my cuckie a fluffer at heart? Or maybe you prefer the task of licking me clean once a real man has filled my hungry little pussy with his load. It's definitely the closest you will ever get to it again! Whether you are content to hide in the closet and wank your pathetic excuse for a cock, as you watch another man pound away at my insatiable little cunt, or you may prefer to be more of a participant, so you can at least pretend to play some role in satisfying my sexual needs... either way, you'll finally get a chance to see what happens when I REALLY cum! *laughs*

Now stop wasting time, I have a date tonight and I want to look perfect for him. Call me, and I might even tell you every juicy, dirty, detail!

Please note: While I am exceptionally talented in many ways, psychic readings are not my strong suit. The more forthcoming and open you are with me about your interests and expectations, the more intense and fulfilling our sessions will be for both of us. I am a very good listener, and I am looking forward to getting to know more about you!