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Cuckold Rules Of Conduct


There are many men who have the fantasy of being cuckolded. They know their small cocks, or their low sex drive just cannot satisfy their hot wife or slutty girlfriend. Once they’re in a cuckold relationship, things start to fall apart. Jealousy crops up, or they just don’t follow the rules. Yes, wannabe cucks, there are rules of conduct if you want to be the best cuck you can be. Follow the cuckold rules or you’ll be out with yesterday’s trash.


No Complaining


You begged her to take lovers, to find the sex and satisfaction she couldn’t get from you. And now, you’re starting to feel a bit left out. Part of being a Cuckoldress is being controlling and domineering and deciding how things should be done. So, Cuckold Rule #1, NO COMPLAINING! Don’t complain that she’s going out on too many dates, don’t complain when she decides that she’s going back to his place, or alone to her bedroom with him…and no, you cannot watch! Don’t complain that she’s had 12 orgasms, and he’s had 3 and you’ve just been ignored and denied. Accept what her plans are and be thankful that you are a part of her life.


No Masturbation


Must this even be said? When she agreed to become your Cuckoldress, she took control of your cock. Maybe she locks it up in a chastity cage, maybe she leaves you on the honor system, but the rule is the same – no stroking that horny dick. Your pleasure no longer comes from your cock, it comes from her –the pleasure she gets being taken to Poundtown by a thick, throbbing cock that stays hard for hours. OR the pleasure of knowing that she has put you in your place – as a chastised cuckold. This is not to say you will never masturbate. I’m sure that some time, she will take pity upon you and allow you a wank!


Make Her Bulls Feel “Welcome”


That doesn’t mean to open your mouth and suck him to full and complete hardness, or to give up your ass when she’s just too tired to continue – although, believe me that could happen! It means that from the moment he arrives until he’s dressed and left, you should be respectful and courteous. Make him believe that you are really, really happy to be sharing the gift of your hot, sexy wife with him, that you know he – or, more specifically, his cock – is exactly what she needs. I have many cuckolds and many Bulls, and there’s no faster way to not ever be invited back to serve me as cuckold than to sulk in the corner and make my lover uncomfortable at being there. It’s possible that of all the Cuckold Rules, this is the most important one.


Clean Up Time


One of the last things a cuckold needs to do is make sure everything is clean and tidy when the festivities have ended. Now, it goes without saying that your final task as the cuck is to get in between your Cuckoldress’ legs and eat up that warm cream pie! But, what about the Bull? Some will present their cock to your mouth, others – especially if their new to the Cuckolding lifestyle, may not quite be sure what to do. A gracious cuck will always ask, “Sir, would you like for me to lick your cock clean for you? ”

Follow these rules of conduct cuckold, and you will have a long lasting relationship with your hot wife or slut girlfriend. After all, a good cuckold is hard to find!


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