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How To Be A Popular Cuckold


You and your Cuckoldress are a team. She could be the kinkiest, dirtiest, sluttiest hot wife that has ever existed, but if you aren’t a top notch cuckold, then she’s not going to be getting all the cock she can, now is she? And, as a cuckold, isn’t this your number one priority, making sure your hot wife is pleased, happy and getting all the dick she can handle? Of course it is! So, let me give you some tips on how to become a popular cuckold.


Getting Your Cuckoldress Ready


A popular cuckold knows that it’s his job to get his cuckoldress ready for a date, or her girls night out, or a party. Not only do you need to make sure she’s dressed to show off all her sexy attributes, but you should also help her with things like putting on her make-up and assuring that it’s perfect. And even helping her shave to make sure her body is smooth, if that’s what her Bulls are looking for. Some cuckolds are even lucky enough to be able to orally worship their Mistress before she heads out, just to “take the edge off”! You should make sure you approach these responsibilities with as much enthusiasm as the more sexual aspects of your service.


Once She’s Left You For The Night Cuckold


Did she leave you a list of chores to perform while she’s on her Cougar hunt? Without a doubt, she did not tell you to be playing with that pindick between your legs, now did she? Maybe she wants you to clean up the house so that it’s spotless when she gets home with her stud, or maybe she left you a list of things to prepare – drinks, some light hor d’oeuvres, maybe some lotions and toys. Make sure everything is prepared for her return. You might even have permission to tease and edge yourself if you can accomplish all these tasks before she comes home.


Once She’s Home


It possible she went to his place, had her needs for cock met, and now needs to be cleaned up. So, get down there, cuck, in between her legs and suck out that cream pie like it’s your last meal! But if you’re really lucky, she’s brought that Bull home with her. Treat him with respect. He is far superior to you in every way. He’s certainly got a much bigger cock – and I’m sure she’ll have you both get naked just so she can compare! – and more importantly, he knows how to use it to bring her maximum pleasure.


Be The Good Popular Cuckold Host


Offer them some drinks, maybe some food – they’re going to need their strength for their soon-to-come marathon fuck session! Offer up your mouth to get him hard, and to get her wet – well, wetter than I’m sure she already is! Be the perfect host, attentive to all their needs. Once he’s hard, does he want you to guide his dick inside of her sopping pussy? Get to it cuck. Of course, it goes without saying that once they’re done, it’s your job to clean them up. Make sure you get every drop of his cum and lick her clean.


These are just some tips to get you started. If you really want to become the most popular cuckold, give one of us a call. We’ll make sure you’re trained right and up to Rock Star cuckie status!


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