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Why Are You A Cuckold?


Often there are multiple reasons a man finds himself being cuckolded. Le’s take a look at various reasons men become cuckolds.


The Humiliated Cuckold


If you’ve ever searched for femdom porn, you’re familiar with this cuckold type. The humiliated cuckold, like the name implies, is a cuckold who is largely driven by humiliation. These cuckolds get sexually excited by the thought of their wife compensating for their inadequacy by having sex with other men. If you get excited knowing that your little cock isn’t enough to please your wife, you might be a humiliated cuckold!


A Focus on Inadequacy and Degradation


Cuckolds who crave humiliation often focus on their personal inadequacy and degradation. Men who enjoy the humiliating side of cuckolding often love small penis humiliation, cum eating, coerced bi, and degrading dress up games like sissification and cuckold maid training. The humiliated cuckold acknowledges his shortcomings and, even better, loves when women acknowledge them too. He loves being laughed at for his small penis, and he is turned on by being compared to his wife’s superior, more manly sex partner.


The humiliated cuckold also enjoys varying levels of degradation. From cream pie clean up to sissy dress up, he enjoys being ridiculed, demeaned, and even emasculated. Cuckolds who crave humiliation love being reminded of their inadequacy, so verbal humiliation is often a huge turn on. Mistresses skilled in cuckold humiliation love watching their cuckies squirm with embarrassment during a verbal humiliation assault! After all, if you’re not good for fucking, you better be good for a laugh!


The Sensual Cuckold


If the humiliation of mainstream cuckolding doesn’t resonate with you, you might be a sensual cuckold. Sensual cuckolds are men who enjoy the thought of their wives having sex with other men, but they do not derive extreme humiliation from it.


Instead, sensual cuckolds enjoy the idea of their hot wives indulging in all of their deepest, most intense sexual urges with whomever they wish! If you get excited by the carnal pleasure of witnessing your wife have sex with another man, you might be a sexual cuckold!


A Focus on Voyeurism and Sensuality


Cuckolds who aren’t as interested in the popular humiliation side often like to focus on the voyeurism and sensuality of cuckolding. The sensual cuckold doesn’t usually derive any sexual excitement from the idea of being unable to fulfill his wife. Instead, he simply enjoys appreciating her as a sexual being in touch with her own fantasies and desires. Sensual cuckolds love knowing that their wives are strong, dominant women who take what they want from whoever they want, especially if that includes another man.


In my experience, sensual cuckolds also love the voyeuristic aspect of cuckolding. While it’s true that humiliation-focused cuckolds also love watching, sensual cuckolds enjoy viewing their partner for the experimental aspect.


Instead of feeling humiliated, useless, or inadequate, sensual cuckolds love sharing in their wife’s pleasure. They love watching her squirm in delight, and they enjoy hearing her moan in ecstasy. He knows his wife loves sex, cock, and pleasure, and he wants her to get as much as possible!


And yes, you can be both! So call us and enjoy your cuckold fantasies, whatever they may be!


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