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Is it Normal to Experience Jealousy As a Cuckold?


Whether you are an experienced cuckold, or it could be your first time to experience the cuckold lifestyle, chances are, you have experienced feelings of jealousy, or you fear you may have them. What do you do when those pesky feelings of jealousy rise up in you? You want to see your hot wife with another man, but those intense emotions keep popping up. Cuckolds get jealous just like anyone else does, but you can learn to deal with those feelings so you can still have fun.


She’s with You Emotionally


First of all, talk to your wife or girlfriend about what you are feeling and especially if it is your idea, you need to be sure you can handle seeing her with another man. She might put your fears at ease, and console you – letting you know that she loves you and will come to you at the end of the day. This may help in knowing she’s with another man sexually, but she’s with you emotionally.


How Involved Do You Want to Be?


Also, you may want to consider what kind of cuckold you want to be. Do you want to watch? Or is the simple fact of hearing her sexy story play by play enough for you? If you have a tendency to be very jealous, but love the idea of being a submissive cuckold – you may want to duck out the way of your woman having sex with another man, and wait to hear the story later. When cuckolds get jealous, sometimes you have to adapt your fun a little bit.


Jealousy Can Be Exciting or it Can Be Kill the Mood


Keep in mind that if you both decided to lead a cuckold lifestyle, that you did so because it’s erotic and exciting. Also, your woman will be very pleased and excited by being with another man for whatever reason, being that he is more well endowed, or she simply loves to be with other men. Reasons why you chose to be a cuckold varies on many factors, and jealousy can help play a part in the excitement of being a cuckold, but can hinder the fun of it if those intense emotions get in the way. So, enjoy your cuckold decision and give our ladies at a call if you have further questions.

by Ms Cecilia

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