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Does Size Really Matter?


It’ s a crazy clear night. The stars are twinkling in the sky. The moon is a bright white romantic glow-orb over your hot tub in the back yard. You and your sexy hot wife are polishing off your second margarita.

Your hot wife takes off her top. Her luscious tits bounce, ripe and ready to be sucked. You take off your shirt and drop your pants. Your wife pours you both a third margarita from the pitcher, turns around to see your naked body waiting for her— and drops her glass. Your dick goes limp. Not like that it really mattered in the first place. That’s why she dropped the glass.

“What’s wrong?” you ask her.

“I’m sorry, baby,” she answers, “I just can’t fake it anymore. It’s your dick.”

“My dick? What’s wrong with my dick?”

“Dude, it’s like the size of a swollen eyeliner pencil. I love you, but sometimes I need something bigger.” And with that, your little eyeliner pencil dick shrivels up to nothing. There went that romantic fuck night.


Size Does Matter


Size does matter. No matter what the gracious ladies say when they lie to men. The bigger, thicker and longer the dick the better. For women, they are better to suck and better to fuck. So give that wife of yours a round of applause for putting up with your petite penis for so long. She hasn’t cheated on you, well hopefully, not yet.

In case you were clueless, a bigger dick makes for more pleasure for your hot wife. As tight as her fuck box is, after tolerating your less than adequate dick for so long her hole aches for something luscious, thick and hard to fill it up. She wants to suck and stroke a cock that gets so hard and big it makes her gag and throbs against her fingers when she’s stroking it.

Now don’t go thinking one of those penis-enlarging machines is going to help you out of the big dick situation cause it’s not. She wants the real deal, not a stretched pencil. She’s looking for a big, thick, hard-on.


So, What Do You Do?


Decision time, man. If you are honest with yourself, you realize that her needs are not out of line. She’s a hot woman. You’ve been lucky to have her so far. She walks into a room and all the guys look at her, they check her out from ass to tits, but the amazing thing is that she’s there with little-dick, you. Just for that alone, she deserves to have her sweet pussy hole filled with a dick that’s big enough to please her and that’s a hard fact to swallow.

This is where you take one road or the other. Where you stay with her and allow her to get a big swollen dick stuffed into her pussy as much and as often as she wants. Or, you pack your bag and put a personal ad on one of those dating sites for women looking for guys with pencil thin dicks.

In case you need some, here are a few reasons why size really matters and big dicks are better, the same reasons you should stay and get in her pussy when she lets you.

First, it’s the pleasure principal, just like eating a good meal, full is better. A big dick fills the walls of her pussy; it swells inside her. There is enough cock to pump her pussy and stroke her clit at the same time. What hot woman doesn’t want and deserve that?

Second, it takes a big thick cock to tickle the back of a woman’s throat. What woman doesn’t love wrapping her lips around a huge hard on and getting fucked in the mouth, thick white cum creaming down her throat? A pencil thin dick in a woman’s mouth feels like an unwanted toothbrush. Who wants that? Certainly not a hot woman, like your wife.

Size does matter and guys with dicks like yours often loose out when the hot women turn elsewhere to get their pussies pumped right. So if you don’t want to be that pencil-dick single guy, man up and let her get her big dick fix when she needs to. She’ll love you for it.


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