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How Do You Know If You’re A Cuckold?

by Ms. Christine of


Curious about cuckolding? Here are a nine signs to help you determine if you are a cuckold.


1. You Crave Creampies

Maybe it just started out with you licking her out after you deposited your cum inside her. Then it progressed to her giving you snowball kisses after she blew you and having you lick cum off her body or out of her hand after she jerked you off. But now, that’s just not enough. At this point you really want to know what another man’s jizz tastes like.


2. A Cuckold Always Gets Turned On When Hearing About His Wife’s Past Sexual Experiences

Do you beg her to tell you all about the bigger cocks that made her scream before you came along while her hand is flying up and down your cock? Are those orgasms the most intense you’ve ever felt – better than even when she lets you fuck her?


3. Your Little Cuckold Dick Gets Hard Just Thinking About Another Man Fucking Your Wife

Has this become your go to masturbation fantasy? Is your spank bank filled with thoughts of your hot wife sucking another cock, or spreading her legs for one of your friends?


4. She Would Say You Have A Pindick Rather Than A Penis

That’s a top one, probably should have started off with this one! You realize you’re a pindick. Do you keep her away from porn, hope she’ll never discover there are bigger cocks out there? Or are you actively trying to make sure she realizes your penis is small? Don’t worry, it happens!


5. A Cuckold Gets Excited Rather Than Jealous When Other Men Look At His Wife


In fact you prefer she dresses more like a slut wife to get more attention, don’t you? Do you encourage her to dress in the most daring outfits she can find? Or maybe you shop for her and always go straight for the sluttiest of ensembles. You’re just hoping some other man will get aroused seeing her dressed like that and take matters into his own hands.