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What is a Hot Wife?


She’s the woman that makes the workers fall off their ladders. She’s the wife that makes your drunken buddies whisper about her ass and titties when she leaves the room, but they always treat her with utmost of respect.


She’s the woman who can fuck all night long and suck a dick like it’s never been sucked before, and you feel like you don’t deserve her. Sometimes you feel like your dick isn’t big enough to fill her sexy hole, so she may need others. You have a hot wife and you want her to cuckold you.


Am I Cuckold?


A cuckold is a man who is aware of and allows, or submits to, his wife’s sexual infidelities and may actually derive sexual pleasure and gratification from them. If you have a hot wife and are already thinking your cock isn’t big enough to please her, it sounds like you are already there.


Historically, the word “cuckold” was principally used in an insulting fashion and refers to the sad fact that the man being cuckolded is usually the last to find out about his wife’s infidelities. Tradition suggests that some European village communities were known to have gathered to collectively humiliate a man whose wife gave birth to a child recognizably not his own. According to this legend, a parade was held in which the clueless husband would be forced to wear antlers or horns on his head as a symbol of his wife’s infidelity.


You may be a cuckold because it fucking turns you on thinking of another man touching her tits, or feeling her pussy hole. You get turned on when guys brush past her ass at parties. You get rock hard when she bends over in a short skirt and everyone’s eyes are on her thick thighs and that luscious ass.


The Hotter the Better


And if you have a hot wife, you know she knows she’s hot. Both of you are on the same page. She probably wants to cheat on you, if she hasn’t already, because she loves when other men stare at her tits and rub against her ass. You know men give her their phone number when she runs to the market or heads out to the gym. And the thought of that, the thought of all those guys wanting to dip into her fucking honey pot makes you horny, jealous, angry and crazy. Crazy horny, man. Horny enough to squirt your jizz in your jeans.


Her Way or the Highway


When you have a hot wife you can show her off, but be sure of one thing, she’s the one in charge and you’re going to have to share. It’s part of her DNA sugar, so enjoy the time with her that you can and enjoy the time with her when she’s with the other guys.


One way to reap the benefits of a hot wife is to have you tell her what happens to her during her day, even when she’s not having sex. She’ll tell you about the guy that brushed against her tits at the supermarket, or the guy in the suit that bumped his dick against her ass as they were riding the elevator; all the little every day things that get your dick hard and wanting more.


Another way to enjoy the benefits of having a hot wife is to go with her to a party. Sit back and watch all the action. You’ll see things and hear things that will completely turn you on. She’ll make excuses and disappear to the bathroom for over a half hour and return with her blouse buttoned the wrong way and a faint hickey or her neck. Your cock will grow hard when you hear other people talking about her at the party about how hot she is, or how they want to fuck her. They may even speculate; “ I’ll bet she likes to suck cock,” or “ her husband gives her a lot of leeway, cause she’s so hot.” The best is yet to come though, cause after she’s done with all her prick teasing, cock-sucking, and maybe even a little girl-on-girl finger action in the bathroom, she’ll go home with you and tell you all about it. You’ll get worked up and ready so it will finally be your turn to stuff that cock into her wet pussy.


How Do You Find A Hot Wife?


If you don’t have a slut wife/hot wife and want one, check out the clubs, or the classifieds on the Internet. Hot divorced women are the best, particularly cheaters, because you know they’ll want to fuck around again and you’ll reap the turn on benefits of all the slutting-around she does.


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