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Lesbian Cuckolding


Most of the time, when one thinks of cuckolding, what comes to mind is probably something along the lines of a humiliated man with a small cock watching while his wife or girlfriend or Mistress takes her pleasure with another man who has a larger cock. Traditionally speaking, this IS what cuckolding is after all and that certainly works just fine for most people. But I’m not most people, am I? I find that there are other, more entertaining ways for me to cuckold my submissive men.


Often, the humiliation involved in cuckolding is a form of small penis humiliation, whether done outright or merely implied. The fact that the woman is seeking pleasure elsewhere, with a lover who is better-endowed, is seen as quite humiliating for the cuckold in question. It calls into question everything that makes you a “man” and degrades you because you’re turned on by it.


The Humiliation of being Cuckolded by a Woman


I ask you, then … how much more humiliating would it be for your lady’s lover not to be a man at all? How very humiliating would it be to find yourself tossed aside in favor not of a flesh and blood cock but a silicone cock strapped into a leather harness? How much would it embarrass you to know that your lady’s lover has a bigger cock than you … even though said lover is a woman?


I would guess it’d be quite an affront to your “manhood,” indeed.


Thus, I introduce to you the concept of lesbian cuckolding … a concept of which I am very, very fond.


As a woman who much prefers the company of other women myself … a lesbian Femdom, if you will … this is the way I like to cuckold men. Sometimes, it’s a matter of me showing their wives or girlfriends just how much fun can be had in bed without a cock to mess things up. Other times, I allow my cuckolds to watch while I take their lovely lady. I enjoy both scenarios, and the result is all the same in the end. A complete emasculation of your manhood.


Even Lesbian Cuckolding Requires Cleanup


Most of the time, I’m kind and generous enough to allow my cuckolds to watch while I enjoy some strap on cuckolding. I find that it’s much more humiliating for them to witness it than to simply hear about it … well, usually. Besides, I love watching the expressions on their faces when they realize that a woman is more of a lover than they are. I suppose it’s a rather humiliating thing for them to learn about themselves, that they’re so bad at using their cocks while other women are fantastic at it.


There is also something to be said for the fact that cleanup after play is much easier when it’s lesbian cuckolding we’re talking about. But that doesn’t mean that our cuck won’t be licking the strap on clean, naturally. He’s got to be good for something other than just sitting there with his mouth hanging open in awe.


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