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What is a Sissy Cuckold?


The world of cuckolding is as interesting and varied as its fetishists. From the erotically powerful practice of cuckold fantasy sex-talk over the phone, to the submissive world of boot licking, cream pie eating and erotic spanking, cuckolds come in every size, color and flavor.


A submissive specific cuckold fetish practice generally not as well known is sissy cuckolding. A sissy cuckold is a man who has turned over virtually all of his male identity and duties to his wife or female partner’s other lovers, often even traditional heterosexual man and wife sexual relations.


Because a sissy cuckold is considered one of the extreme practices of cuckolding, some don’t believe a sissy cuckold should be considered a “man” because of his degree of emasculation.


Does A Sissy Cuckold Start Out That Way?


Most researchers do not believe that men start out as sissy husbands or sissy cuckolds, but rather gravitate toward that or submit to it over time. Although outsiders may not completely understand a married couple’ s sissy cuckold relationship, when partners agree and do no harm to others or each other, it is for them to enjoy and for outsiders to accept and appreciate their differences.


Men who originally have fantasies about their wives fucking other men or are persuaded by their wives to try it “just once” is the usual point of entry into the cuckolding world, and where a sissy cuckold usually starts. How intensely a man allows himself to submit to his wife’s infidelities and demands result in him eventually becoming a sissy cuckold or not.


Even if they are not cuckolds, some men secretly or overtly believe their dicks are too small. That may transition into a man feeling his dick is too small for his wife, not good enough to please her and therefore he understands why she would desire another man’s cock or actually fulfill that need by finding one.


Cuckolding may begin innocuously enough by a man and his wife verbally sharing a fantasy. It may be taken a step further, where they role play the fantasy and pretend another man is fucking her and he masturbates while watching.


The fantasy may be just that and stop here, or may be taken a step further where the couple go out and find a third or the wife has sex with another man and either reports back what happened to turn on her husband or makes her husband watch whoever she brings home to fuck. One thing is certain, a sissy cuckold may have begun his journey here this fetish level is not where it stopped.


What Does a Sissy Cuckold Do?


Many sissy husbands feel they are not sexually adequate enough to fulfill their wife’s needs. Because of that intrinsic feeling, based on their smaller penis size or other insecurities, they are more likely to go along with a wife or partner that is interested in sex with another man, and also more likely to become extremely submissive to the point of emasculation as sissy cuckolds are.


A sissy cuckold is expected to do many of the same things a less submissive cuckold is, like watching his wife fucking the other man, or preparing a lovemaking bath for her and whoever will be pleasuring her that night. One of the biggest differences is that a sissy cuckold may not be ever allowed to have sexual relations with his wife.


His only sexual arousal may be limited only to masturbation, alone or while watching his wife get screwed, or orally gratifying the man that his wife is fucking. Also, going beyond emasculation is a cuckold’s coerced feminization, or sometimes voluntary feminization, rendering him a virtual eunuch. He derives so much pleasure from his wife’s needs it is at the complete exclusion of his own.


A sissy cuckold’s humiliation is also a component in this arena of the cuckolding fetish. His small penis is constantly a point of submission and why he does not deserve to be the one to enjoy his wife’s dripping wet pussy. The more he submits and loses his masculine identity, the more he is mocked and ridiculed. This humiliating role-play is the rocket of sexual arousal and gratification for all involved; including the sissy cuckold.


If you feel your wife needs more than what you and your dick have to offer her sexually and the thought of another man pumping his hard cock into your wife’s pussy makes you crazy excited, then the world of sissy cuckolding may be just the sexually gratifying place for you.


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