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Verbal Humiliation For You Cuckold


A lot of wannabe cuckold pets think that the whole cuckold relationship is just about watching their wives take on a cock that isn’t theirs. Watching her suck it, seeing her get down on her hand and knees, baring her holes for use. And although all of this is true, it’s really about all the senses. One very important one is hearing – hearing her moan and scream. It’s also all those things she says to you.


Many Cuckoldresses know that it’s the humiliation that drives their husbands and boyfriends crazy. And she uses that desire and her experience to get what she really wants – lots of hot, hard, big, throbbing cocks and lots of sex. So here are some things that hot wives might say to be hurtful, even if her cuckie finds it delightful!


Cuckold Humiliation Point #1 – She Likes Her Bull Better


It is all about how much better he is than you. His cock is bigger and much more satisfying to her. He makes her feel sexy and that’s what she needs. His cock is something to be admired. To be honest, I prefer it to yours and so does she. It’s why she says things like:
– I get hornier for him than I do for you.
– I plan to start going to him whenever I need sex.
– He’s all I think about some days.


Cuckold Humiliation Point #2 – You Asked For This


You went to her and begged to be her cuckold. You knew you were a pindick loser, so you told her it was fine with you if she found other cock to keep her satisfied. And now there’s no going back! Especially when she is saying things like:
– I’m sorry that you don’t like me being gone so much, but I’m not going to stop going out.
– I’m going to spend the night with him whether you like it or not.
– I’m sorry if you want me to stay, but I’m going over to his place again tonight.
This was your idea. You got what you wanted. Deal with it.
– He can fuck me any time he wants.
– I do love you dear, but he is the one who satisfies me.
– I know you wanted me to come home last night, but he wanted me to stay over…so I stayed.


Cuckold Humiliation Point #3 – He Will Eventually Take Control


At some point, that Bull is going to take control. Maybe they’ll both make decisions about you – how you dress, what your duties are, if you’ll ever get to cum again. Or maybe he’ll make both of you his sluts, and become the Master of the house.
– He doesn’t want me to fuck you at all anymore. I told him I felt the same way.
– I’m still your wife, but this is his pussy.
– Now that he’s our Master, you can be the sissy cuckold!


Cuckold Humiliation Point #4 – Their First “Stay-In Date”


When they finally decide to do the dirty deed in front of you – when he takes her on the bed the two of you share – there will be even more cuckold humiliation. I can hear her now:
– Watch how he fucks me. This is how I like it.
– I love his cock – it’s so much better than your teeny weenie!
– This is the best fuck I’ve ever had.
– Watch and learn! (oh, like she’s ever going to let you fuck her again!)
– He always lasts ten times longer than you ever did.
– I would do anything he says right now. ANYTHING!!!


Cuckold Humiliation Point #5 – When Her Bull Leaves For The Night


Oh, poor cuckie, don’t worry. Just because he left doesn’t mean the cuckold humiliation stops! She’s going to have a few more choice comments for you, like:
– That was the best I ever had. I’ve never been fucked like that before!
– I don’t think my pussy has ever felt this good.
– You’ve never shot a load this big in me.


Of course, right after that last one, she’ll have one more thing to say. Something that truly sums up your position in this cuckold humiliation web:
– “Clean me up you creampie eating slut!”


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